Awesome Tiger Tattoo 

Lee did this completely awesome tattoo on my daughter’s thigh. She is away on a sunshine holiday at the moment and has been getting compliments around the pool. I think it’s just wonderful … what do you think? 


Tattoo Carving … 

Lee carved an old table by hand with a dremel and then stained it with acrylic. He then sanded it back and gave it a few coats of varnish! It’s going to adorn the studio entrance. What do you think?  I think it’s beautiful ❤️

New in … Gorgeous Cardigans 

We have just taken delivery of a mahoosive box full of gorgeous cardigans … Red cupcakes, blue cocktails, black cocktails, leopard print and black/lace gothic … Lovely soft touch knit and all long sleeved … Just £15 each and lots of different sizes  ❤️

My first attempt at a made to measure suit for my dear man ❤️

I purchased the fabric and a true vintage suit sewing pattern over 18 months before our wedding, and it was a good 12 months later before I was brave enough to make the first cut in the gorgeous fabric. However I am so happy with the end result and I think it is a truly unique suit for a truly unique man 

Suit of red roses