Travelling for Wheels…

Lee created this intricate design of connected wheels recently. The customer had been recommended by my eldest son and came in a few weeks ago for her first tattoo… a little paper plane on her wrist. She was delighted with the result and re-booked for this very delicate and complex tattoo. 

 What I absolutely love about this customer is that she has really undertaken some research before getting her first and second tattoo and ensured she booked with a talented, experienced and skilled tattoo artist. She travelled 2 hours and 40 minutes each way to be tattooed by Lee. So often people, who are willing to travel thousands of miles for a holiday lasting just a week or two,  are not willing to travel any sort of distance for a tattoo that will be on their body forever.   Going to the nearest tattoo artist may not always be the clever choice. 

Absolute respect to this customer for doing her homework and making the long journey to West Wales, and of course respect also to Lee for the magnificent tattoos he has created for her. 

Bliss of a kiss … 

Lee recently created this stunning tattoo which to me represents absolute and true love.  I can only see total beauty and absolute bliss in this kiss.

I think it’s just wonderful that the customer wearing this beautiful piece of art has today made an enquiry about having the single red rose that Lee created yesterday with his watercolour pencils.  That rose will be another totally unique and special tattoo for this customer. 

A symbol of love … 

A single red rose has been the symbol of love since right back in the Roman days when Venus the  Goddess of Love was associated with roses. It is a true symbol of unconditional love for life. 

When you are married to an artist this is how he shows his love for you … 

Designer bright cotton playsuits … 

On browsing thorough my 1980’s Make it Easy set of patterns I came across an idea for a gorgeous playsuit. I love summer holiday playsuits but sadly the two vintage playsuits in my wardrobe are too small. (I am going to shrink into them one day honest!) 

I cut the pattern suggestion onto brown paper and used this stunning  bird fabric in bright blue, red and green.  The bow, frill and turn ups were added from my imagination to make this playsuit our very first, totally original, Trashcan Emporium design.

The elasticated waist and bust make it so easy to step in and out of, and the lack of straps make it perfect for avoiding those holiday tan strap marks. Plus of course, no vintage inspired playsuit would be complete without a matching do-rag. 

If you would like to buy one of these gorgeous playsuits then they are just £30 each and of  course have a free matching do-rag. 

I have lots of lovely fabric available;

  • Red cats and dogs
  • Red Scotty dogs
  • White owls
  • White hearts, flowers, butterflies
  • Red little heart
  • Blue rabbits and toadstools
  • Cream cup-cake
  • Light Blue dragon fly
  • Bright blue dragon fly

If you would like to order a playsuit then just  drop me a message indicating your usual dress size, waist size and chest size.  

All orders will be completed beginning of September and if you are unable to collect from our studio then postage is just £2.85 ❤️

Day of the Dead Tattoo 

Lee created this amazing Day of the Dead tattoo yesterday. He spent a fun afternoon listening to Irish Punk and inking this black and grey shade calf piece for his very happy customer.  The white highlights that he added in contribute to a pretty awesome end result. 

Animal print for the skint …

I bought a gorgeous little remnant of animal print fabric and have been making cute stuff with the material.  Animal print clothes and accessories are an absolute must for a real retro rockabilly look of course. 

The shorts were created from a series of patterns called “Make it Easy” that were published back in the early 1980’s. My sister kindly rescued them from her attic for me and I’m having great fun deciding what I’m going to make (and laughing at the 1980’s fashion shoots). They were literally made in an hour and I added the little bow at the waist because I’m a proper girly girl! 

The shoe clips, hair slide  and do-rag to match are just so simple to do with the left over scraps. 

All on a remnant of material … perfect animal print for the skint huh? 

Tiger breaking through skin tattoo …

Lee did this completely awesome tiger today … Honestly and truly I stand in awe of his skill and talent … Every customer through the door of his quirky Main Street studio leaves with pretty spectacular ink that will be complimented wherever they go.