Travelling for Wheels…

Lee created this intricate design of connected wheels recently. The customer had been recommended by my eldest son and came in a few weeks ago for her first tattoo… a little paper plane on her wrist. She was delighted with the result and re-booked for this very delicate and complex tattoo. 

 What I absolutely love about this customer is that she has really undertaken some research before getting her first and second tattoo and ensured she booked with a talented, experienced and skilled tattoo artist. She travelled 2 hours and 40 minutes each way to be tattooed by Lee. So often people, who are willing to travel thousands of miles for a holiday lasting just a week or two,  are not willing to travel any sort of distance for a tattoo that will be on their body forever.   Going to the nearest tattoo artist may not always be the clever choice. 

Absolute respect to this customer for doing her homework and making the long journey to West Wales, and of course respect also to Lee for the magnificent tattoos he has created for her. 

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