It’s a keeper …a grim reaper!  

Lee’s customer today was just the sort of customer that makes Lee happiest of all. The customer gave  Lee complete and free artistic licence to create his tattoo. The customers only stipulation was the tattoo should be of the ‘Grim Reaper.’

Giving your tattoo artist this level of trust enables the creativity of your artist to burst forth without constraint, and also ensures your tattoo is unique to you.  

The customer was completely and utterly delighted with the end result. I’m sure you will agree it’s   a truly spectacular piece of forever art from Foreverart Tattoo Studio. 

Roses grow on you …

So … that beautiful pink rose which Lee added to my floral band a couple of weeks ago left a naked space on my arm and the  glowing whiteness kept catching my eye.  Truly it was simply begging for some colour. 

Therefore, on a quiet drizzly morning, it was a little trip to our studio to say goodbye to  that particular patch of white skin forever.  It was also a good opportunity to browse my favourite tattoo mag ‘Skin Deep’ and seek out some inspiration for a spectacular back piece that is in the contemplation stage.  Am thinking peacocks …

In the meantime I guess it’s true … roses really do grow on you! 

Very cherry … 

Two more bags all ready … small red shoulder bag and cute little brown bag on a short chained handle.  Both hand painted cherries! Another gorgeous accessory for those Rockabilly girlies out there … 

What do you think? 

Pretty Kitties…

A little while ago a lovely friend, learning of my hobby of creating unique and original up-cycled handbags, gave me a large black glittery trimmed bag with a matching purse. I decided I wanted to transform it into a special bag for her. My friend is a doting mammy to 7 furry babies and so of course the bag had to include 7 cats. Instead of trying to match each cat motif to the colour of her kitties I made them all bright blue to match my friends gorgeous blue hair.  I love that the tail of kitty number 7 peeps out of the pocket on the front. 

A really cute and original bag … I hope my friend  likes it ❤️

Vintage Hula…

Lee has just finished another of our gorgeous vintage hand painted handbags.  For this one he chose a Sailor Jerry inspired Hula scene. This stunning 1960’s navy blue handbag has a brocade fabric on the reverse and is simply beautiful. 

I’m so happy that this one is a gift for me (❤️) but we plan to have more of the similar (never the same … each Trashcan Emporium handbag is unique) very soon for around £120, so do watch this arty farty space. 

Bags & bags of bags … 

So … Lee has been busy painting on some of our growing collection of vintage handbags.   

These two gorgeous brown vintage bags now have beautiful tattoo style swallows painted on them.

The large brown one (£25) has a lovely sateen lining and the smaller brown (£20) has a gorgeous leather lining. The interior of both bags is in absolutely pristine condition. Given that the bags originate from decades ago they are in pretty amazing condition. There is some fading on the smaller one but it’s still just a wonderful bag. The inner label on it states ‘Debenham and Freebody’ and the Freebody was dropped in the 1970s so  it’s definitely from  before that date. The larger bag is labelled ‘G London England’ and the only online reference online I can find dates this bag to about 1940. 

I adore vintage bags and love how they become even more special with our arty fartyness ❤️

What do you think? 

Nice Dice Twice … 

So … The first of our gorgeous, hand painted, vintage bags is ready!  A lovely red faux leather bag with short handles and A proper retro gold coloured  clip fastener. Lee has hand-painted a pair of lucky dice on the front.  This bag is an ‘absolute must’ for a rockabilly loving, vintage girl.
Each of our bags is going to be completely unique … whether the bag is painted with  roses, swallows or hearts, or of course these pair of winning dice, they are going to look pretty special.  This one is just £17.50!  (Although saying  goodbye to this little beauty is going to be damn hard).  

A Quaint Paint…

So … we have had a wonderfully arty farty day together today. Lee and I side by side painting some tattoo inspired art onto some gorgeous vintage handbags.  I am so pleased with our creations so far … we currently have 14 gorgeous handbags that are now each a work in progress!  

What a beautifully, gorgeously, wonderfully creative day together❤️

Hey HO Let’s GO …

So Lee is a massive Ramones fan. Our first dance at our wedding was ‘Baby I Love You!’ and on our honeymoon we took a trip to Queen’s Museum,  Flushing Meadow where a Ramones Exhibition was on. The exhibition promo was a fabulous poster and on our return to Wales Lee decided to frame it. We trawled our local car boot and found a gorgeous frame for the poster which Lee sprayed red. I grouted the tiles red and created/cut the cool decals for the toilet seat. The cute skulls on motorbikes snow globe was a present from my bestie.  

We love our perfect punky Ramones toilet. What do you think? 

You looking at me? 

So at the weekend Lee and I went out to dinner. Lee drove as I had drank a couple of glasses of Prosecco and was feeling rather woozy!  The sun was blazing through the windscreen and I was using my phone camera as a mirror (does anyone else do this or is it just me).  As I freshened up my lippy, the screen on the camera caught the sunlight and created such a cool image  that I quickly selfie snapped it. I showed Lee and he loved it too so I shared it with him via What’s App. 

Today, I’m in a work meeting in London and this beautiful gift of love dropped into my inbox.  The cool selfie I took transformed into a beautiful drawing created with coloured pencils and loads of love by my gorgeous husband.  ❤️

I simply adore being married to an artist … 

‘Drawn by Trash’