Time for TShirts… 

We have been wanting to try our hand at designing Tshirts for some time.  I finally purchased some heat-transfer vinyl and Lee has done a couple of cool designs. 

He started with a Johnny Cash because he is our favourite, and Lee also created a Hendrix design. 

Lee can see all the images perfectly clearly but my brain can’t see the white Cash on the black Tshirt, or the black Hendrix on the white Tshirt. I’m really interested in what you all can see? 

Of course are just our prototypes. We are going to do a bit of design tweaking and a wash/wear test, and then will be producing some ready to sell. The price is likely to be a very reasonable £13, and for a unique Trashcan Emporium design I think that’s pretty bargainous! 

We need to decide who else belongs in our Icon range and so are running a free competition to help us decide. 

To enter … just share our post then comment/tweet your Icon suggestion.  If your Icon is chosen by us to go into the design stage then your name goes in the hat, and on 31st October the first name out will win a unique Trashcan Emporium Tshirt emblazoned with their Icon suggestion. 

Do tell us your ideas … 

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