Unique or un-Unique?

So I saw a little comment on Facebook that made me want to write this post. A lovely regular at our studio had shared a photo of our Two-Tone man T-Shirt that Lee had designed as a present for the son of our dear friend. The comment had been that our designs were not as unique as we were claiming.  So … I want to explain what we do …

Lee pulls an iconic image off the web, he then draws it out and shades it in a particular way so that it cuts well onto vinyl.  So as an example here is Neil Diamond under construction …  

Lee then passes his hand drawn design to me and I scan it into my design programme and trace it. I then feed it into my cutting machine, hand weed all the teeny bits of detail out and pass it back to Lee. Lee places it onto our high quality “Fruit of the Loom” Tshirts and places it under our huge heat press machine to embed our design into the Tshirt. 

The concept of our ‘Icon’ range of Tshirts is that the image is instantly recognisable, and so of course we use popular images. However,  I think,  that translating an idea from a photo image into scraps  of  vinyl that then emerge as the ‘icon’ is one helluva talent!  Soooooo … to clarify … our Tshirts  are ‘unique’ in that each vinyl image we  cut is Lee’s own artistic interpretation of the iconic  photo. 

Here is our collection … what do you think? 

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