Freehand hand …

We had a brand new customer yesterday for this stunning Japanese dragon face! The customer wanted a hand tattoo that tied in with his Japanese themed sleeve but was completely open to Lee’s creative ideas and freehand input. Our happy customer was chuffed with the result and has already booked back in to have Lee work his magic and repair some previous tattoos.

What do you think?

Fu#k Cancer …

On the back of our sweary bobble hats, Lee’s best mate in Brum commissioned a politer version, but one with the incredibly strong and powerful message to ‘Fu#k Cancer’. Cancer stole my gorgeous little girl , my beautiful mother, my fun loving brother-in-law and my funny teenage cousin. It has also impacted so many other family members and friends. So I spent much of this weekend knitting up our latest design and this lovely lot will be posted off to their new owners tomorrow! If you want one for yourself then just drop us a message … each sale includes a donation to Cancer Research.

Oh and this is one bobble hat that I will most definitely be wearing with pride … Fu#k Cancer indeed!

Tattoo Removal …

We sometimes get asked if we remove tattoos. Of course the beautiful ink created by Lee is never the offending tattoo, it is the tattoos done by a “friend” or that you had a “cheap” quote for. Beautiful ink created by an experienced and highly skilled tattoo artist is never going to be cheap, and whilst you should hold your friends close your tattoo artist deserves a special place in your life. However if you really do need to get rid of that offending ink pop into the studio and take a look at the bad boy that Lee just painted 😄

Beautiful Peony Mandala

Some customers really do their research. A brand new customer this week had a beautiful Peony Mandala inked on her thigh. The very smart customer had done her research, reviewed Lee’s art work online and saw his talent. She then travelled from Cardiff for her appointment and was completely delighted with her finished piece. It’s what I always say … it’s never too far a journey for art that is going to be on your body for the rest of your life ❤️

Natty Knitter …

I am so goddamn happy. Between the snow and a couple of days annual leave I have enjoyed spending quality time in my craft room cosied up with my knitting machine. So, Lee gave me a photo of a jumper he really liked and asked me could I knit one similar. So without a pattern, but with a swatch, a tape measure and a bit of maths I recreated the exact same jumper for him. I am blinkin’ chuffed … it fits him perfectly (great maths by me) and he absolutely loves it! ❤️

The Man I Love…

So my artist husband decided to pen a self portrait.

“Can you see the resemblance?” He asked me.

Errrr … yeah … I actually can … ❤️

Angry Eagles…

Stranded in Pembroke, knee deep in snow, and unable to open the studio meant just one thing … time to paint!

This pair of angry eagles, inspired by a Sailor Jerry old school tattoo design, is the result of those snow bound few days!

As always canvas prints are available to order … oh and don’t forget if there is something special that YOU would like in a pencil drawing or on a canvas we can help … partner, kids, pet, home , cars … anything really … we can even customise your doc marten boots or old leather jacket … for a quote just message us your ideas, or pop into the studio for a chat with Lee!