Surf’s Up Part II …

The wall mural down at The Longhouse, which is situated at the side of the beach in Freshwater East, is now all complete. Pete, the super hard-working owner, is really happy with the wall and has added a very cool surf board window ledge into the piece. Pete has the pleasure of employing two of our offspring who are both so happy working there. Our boys get to hear first hand the fabulous feedback the mural is receiving from the Longhouse customers too which is blinkin’ great! Do pop in and take a look and let us know what you think!

A Story of Upholstery…

I love the local pub in our village. The Freshwater Inn offers a wonderful welcome and it is so nice to pop in for a quick drink or for tasty home-cooked food. To be honest, me and the husband have spent so much time there that the lovely couple who run it are now good friends. When they needed 14 pub stools covered I got creative by making little mop-cap type covers, and when they wanted cushions to match I popped them off the machine too. However, my ‘piece de la resistance’ is covering 12 foot of pub bench with foam and fabric and making a damn fine job of it too!

I think we can now add upholstery to the list of arty farty stuff that Trashcan Emporium are able to offer. Covers or cushions anyone?

What do you think?

Cool Collaboration…

Here at Trashcan Emporium we just love a happy collaboration. Quite often people have some wonderful ideas which we can tweak a little to bring their ideas alive. A young entrepreneurial friend of ours is designing an alternative T-shirt brand called Asbo Clothing. He approached us with a rudimentary sketch of an image he wanted for his range. Lee got creating and we think the result of this collaboration is pretty cool.

Big shout out to Conski and wishing you good luck with your new venture!

Proud Punk Going Up

One of our customers … a proud old punk… had experienced some real tough stuff of late, with significant losses and bereavements really impacting him. At times like this we all feel as if our emotional tank is running on empty, and so our lovely customer wanted a tattoo which signified how he was feeling. Lee created this lettering for him, with a proper nod to punk, and I absolutely love it.

Oh and our lovely customer is on the way up and we are really. looking forward to the day that he books in for his ‘FULL’ tattoo.