A Mermaid for a Mermaid …

Truly, I am always being complimented on my beautiful tattoos and a couple of years ago, whilst I was working a vintage fair, a lovely lady noticed my beautiful floral arm and asked who the artist was. I didn’t even have a business card on me at the time but when she got home she remembered Lee’s name and began to follow him on social media.

Fast forward 2 years later, and this same lady, determined to have her first tattoo before her 40th birthday, travelled to our studio. This gorgeous mermaid tattoo is in celebration of a mega swim she had completed in Loch Ness the week before.

I love this and think this beautiful mermaid was definitely worth waiting for do you?

Trashcan Murials now booking …

Today we are launching Trashcan Murials …

Having already created some fabulous mural wall art in some cool locations we have decided to expand our Emporium work to include unique arty farty murals in your home, office, workshop or pretty much anywhere really.

The Trashcan service will include a full consultation and design service, with your nominated wall painted in bright, hard wearing acrylic paint.

How perfect for a feature wall in a study, living room, kids bedroom or anywhere you dare to be just a little different.

Prices are calculated on an individual design basis, but a rough estimate of about £40 an hour!

We are taking bookings for work commencing in October NOW so contact us to chat about your ideas.

New Toys …

What a lovely lazy Sunday I have enjoyed playing with some new toys. We have just got a sublimation printer and mug press which means that we can now put any image onto our T-shirts and of course mugs. Truly delighted with the first Tees and mugs coming off the press, one with Lee’s Bic Biro Skull drawing and the other with a very colourful studio logo. I still love the vinyl on cotton Tee that we create but it’s good to see the colourful sublimation Ink on poly cotton Tees too.

What do you think?

Birthday Arty …

As you know The Husband loves to gift me his unique and wonderful arty creations for our special days. For my most recent birthday present he created this beautiful colourful art. It was inspired by a selfie I took of us on our wedding anniversary where Lee is catching the Rhossili sunset in a glass of Prosecco. I simply love the boldness of the colours and also that our beautiful anniversary moment is captured in Lee’s very own unique way. Honestly you can stuff the birthday party … I am utterly happy with my birthday arty!

What do you think?