Hammer and Knife…

We sometimes have some wonderfully unusual ideas brought to us. The other day Lee had popped down Main Street and upon his return to the studio found this on the couch …

He immediately went into high alert, wondering whether gang warfare was about to commence in sleepy Pembroke, until he was advised by Woody that a customer had just brought them in to support his idea for a tattoo design.

Lee then worked his magic for this very personal and unique design …

And we had a very happy customer who got the exact tattoo that was in his head created from his personal hammer and knife…

Hearts and Daggers …

I simply love receiving a special ‘arty farty’ creation from the husband on Saint Valentine’s Day. This year my gift was a burning heart pierced with a dagger, set against a shocking pink backdrop showered with hearts, declaring simply “LOVE.” Well I do and he does and we think you might too!

Hope it was a happy Valentines Day for you all (whether it was filled with hearts and daggers or not!) 💜

Always have a back up plan …

Meet George, the very handsome Vizsla.


Yesterday George visited The Thread Shed with his proud mam and dad who were going to spend a couple of hours with me designing their own T-Shirts.    Unfortunately my trusted Silhouette programme, on which I have designed and made over 600 images, chose yesterday to be completely evil, and every time we tried to play with George’s photo to turn him into a cartoon doggy, Silhouette would crash and die.   Images I had previously saved were lost, files disappeared, and Silhouette began rapidly flashing on and off.    Because I have always used Silhouette so successfully unfortunately I didn’t have a back up plan to cope with it’s very bad and extremely naughty behaviour. Luckily George’s parents were simply lovely and very patient, and finally we abandoned Silhouette and they headed over to Paint to create their designs.

Handsome George became a cute cartoon doggy on his mam’s Tee, and some original geometric designs were sublimated onto his dad’s Tee.

This morning I have been investigating and it seems that a Windows 10 update may have caused a compatibility issue with Silhouette.  Further investigations are underway.

A huge thank you to George and his mum and dad for being such lovely visitors, and for their humour and patience.  I really hope they will enjoy wearing their unique and original T-shirts designed (eventually) here at The ThreadShed in Fresh East.

The moral of this story, of course, is ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP PLAN.

.IMG_6943 IMG_6944



A little bit of knitting 🧶

I blinkin’ love love love knitting and I was so excited when Daughter asked me for a big knit sofa blanket. When my needles arrived with gigantic skeins wool I dived right in there. I used jumbo acrylic but next time I think I’d like to try beautiful merino wool as it would be so much softer. The blanket measures 30inches x 50 inches and used 4 skeins in total. It was a great project and even if I never do another blanket I suppose the needles could come in handy for a bit of vampire slaying!

Message on a Bow …

Cancer is something we all have been impacted by – whether through a personal experience, a partner, a family member or a friend and when it hits it is tough! The message ‘fu#k cancer’ can be a really positive and affirming message which can help those facing the challenge of the nasty disease.

One recent special request I had, from a very lovely gal to whom those words mean a lot, was for a couple of black dickie bows!

I absolutely loved making the bows and think they look so cool on these lovely guys ❤️

You can ‘fu#k cancer’ on a dickie bow too – just give me a shout … or why not personalise it your way?