Better than a Xmas jumper …

Over the festive period I decided to make good use of some absolutely stunning fabric I had (some of it true vintage) and set to work making some beautiful festive skirts.

These beautiful half circle skirts are made without a sewing pattern and just need the waist measurement, the length required and a bit of maths. They are such a flattering shape and just feel so feminine. They are also full enough that you can wear a flouncy petticoat underneath too. Each skirt also came with its own little dolly bag to keep it safely in year after year.

I made lots of these gorgeous skirts exactly to customer measurements in December. I was also really chuffed when one of our regulars at the tattoo studio had some made especially for his Mum and Sister as surprise Xmas presents.

Here is some super feedback …

“My mum said she hasn’t had a nicer style, fit or quality of skirt for a very long time.”

“It’s swishy and I love it!”

“Skirt is fab!”

“I love my skirt!”

I can make you a skirt just like this out of any fabric you like or why not book yourself a sewing workshop at The ThreadShed Fresh East and I can teach you how to make one for yourself?

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