Bathing Belle…

I had a gorgeous, retro, flowery swim cap as a birthday present off my lovely sister. Blinkin' love it so much! I snapped a fun selfie to show Sister and Lee how perfectly perfect for me it is. Lee decided it would make a great drawing too! So I am now immortalised forever as a Bathing Belle. I just love being married to my talented artist ❤️

Love Always …

Special days are hard when you are newly bereaved. My birthday this week was so tough. How can you have a birthday without thinking of your mother? I did find some level of peace and tranquility walking the beautiful island of Skomer, but it was still a sad and emotional day. However, a ray of love eventually shone through with this beautiful birthday gift from Lee. Stunningly beautiful. His art captures moments I need to remember and help me to accept that life goes on and love goes on … always. ❤️

Hearty praise for punky art …

Lee is an old punk and his Brummy punk roots have been the source of inspiration for his art for many years.  We sell prints of his work through the studio and our social media sites, but also have a shop on 'Handmade at Amazon' which helps us reach people who have not yet connected with us.  We have recently sold  a print of his amazing John Lydon acrylic on canvas and received a lovely email message from the bloke who purchased saying "I just want to say thanks for a very speedy delivery and that I am well chuffed with the print.  It's an excellent painting of Mr Rotten".  He went on to ask whether Lee had created any other punk art and this reminded me to update our shop with some more of Lee's great punk pencil drawings. We just love a bit of feedback so sincere thanks to Andy  who took the time to message us and of course we would love to hear what you all think too ?

Sweet swallow of love …

Way back in the late 1950’s my dad had tattoo of an old school swallow carrying a scroll of my mum’s name. Many many years later on a Turkish holiday he asked a local ‘artist’ to tidy it up. The ‘artist’ messed up what was once a beautiful poignant tattoo and my dad was keen for Lee to try and rework it.  However my dad takes Warfarin daily which means that he cannot have a tattoo.  Dad was disappointed and so Lee drew this sweet little rendition of the tattoo he would have liked to have created for my dad and we gave him the framed drawing as a gift. 

Tattoo art can bring also bring pleasure when it’s in a frame huh?

Hand in hand for always…

My brave and beautiful mother lost her fight against cancer this week. With her pin-up girl looks,  stunning figure, and her glamour and style, it is little wonder that my father has loved her since they were both just 17.  Towards the end of my mother’s illness my father spent many hours sitting at her bedside, talking with her and tenderly holding her hand. 

My sensitive, thoughtful, caring husband Lee has captured this immense love between my parents with this simply  beautiful and extremely touching  pencil drawing.

For my mother Janice … loved and adored by the same man for 61 years  ❤️

Snow White with love ❤️ 

Lee and I had our very first wedding anniversary at the weekend (also his 51st birthday of course) and to celebrate we booked a cute little circus wagon in North Amsterdam which we found on Air BnB. 

I awoke in the wagon in the big cosy bed, with the birds singing and the sun shining, and my romantic husband presented me with a red heart shaped box. I was so thrilled when I opened it to find this beautiful Snow White brooch that Lee had hand crafted in Das clay with a scalpel, and hand painted in acrylics  especially for me. 

Snow White is so very special to me as my angel Abigail adored Snow White and we played “Some day my prince will come” at her funeral. 

I waited a very long time for my prince but he was definitely worth that wait …  ❤️🌈⭐️🌹💜

Patching it up … 

I love to upcycle clothes … I keep my eyes and mind wide open for clothes I know I can work a bit of magic with! I love to appliqué, or patch, or sometimes just swapping the buttons … every piece becomes a totally unique one off item! Some, like these gorgeous appliquéd wiggle skirts,  head straight to the studio for sale to our customers. Others, like this cute rose jacket or polka dot pumps,  stay right in my own wardrobe. 

What do you think?