One ball wonder!

Shopping in Aldi is a real dilemma for a yarn lover because they always have such lovely wool on offer. Their beautiful yarn in store makes me think guiltily of my yarn stash which is so huge that I would have to knit for a decade (without putting my needles down) to even make a woolly dent in it! However, I simply couldn’t walk away from this stunning chunky purple yarn but as I restricted myself to just one ball the dilemma this time was what to knit! ! Luckily I chanced upon this free ‘Artisan Capelet’ pattern at but made a few little personal tweaks by adding a crochet picot edging and a huge vintage button. I now have a beautiful, one ball wonder 💜

What do you think?

Aldi is a p


Crochet Ties…

My mum passed me all her old knitting and crotchet patterns, and having recently discovered my crochet needles again I decided to find a good crochet pattern. Thumbing through the very old pattern books,, Lee decided he needed a crochet tie as he remembered his dad having one! This 1969 pattern was nice and easy for my crochet comeback, and Lee is one happy man ❤️