Colourful Sweary Bobble Hats …

So … our sweary bobble hats really have been in high demand! I am just working on an order of 20 for some very smart bikers in Brum. In the meantime I have been experimenting with some different colours, contrasts and bobble sizes. This colourful bunch of sweary hats will be available £15 each from the studio this afternoon!

What do you think?


Fu#k Cancer …

On the back of our sweary bobble hats, Lee’s best mate in Brum commissioned a politer version, but one with the incredibly strong and powerful message to ‘Fu#k Cancer’. Cancer stole my gorgeous little girl , my beautiful mother, my fun loving brother-in-law and my funny teenage cousin. It has also impacted so many other family members and friends. So I spent much of this weekend knitting up our latest design and this lovely lot will be posted off to their new owners tomorrow! If you want one for yourself then just drop us a message … each sale includes a donation to Cancer Research.

Oh and this is one bobble hat that I will most definitely be wearing with pride … Fu#k Cancer indeed!

Natty Knitter …

I am so goddamn happy. Between the snow and a couple of days annual leave I have enjoyed spending quality time in my craft room cosied up with my knitting machine. So, Lee gave me a photo of a jumper he really liked and asked me could I knit one similar. So without a pattern, but with a swatch, a tape measure and a bit of maths I recreated the exact same jumper for him. I am blinkin’ chuffed … it fits him perfectly (great maths by me) and he absolutely loves it! ❤️

Sweary Bobble Hats …

Honestly our sweary bobble hats are so blinkin’ popular … have added a different sweary bobble hat in red and cream! Are you a F**K Off kinda person or a F**K YA! sorta person?

More Sweary Hats …

I have been a busy little bee at Trashcan Emporium. We now have a little stock of our own design and own label sweary bobble hats in the studio. The hats will be available for £20 in our online Amazon Shop but as an opening offer to all our lovely customers just £15 from the studio!

Currently taking orders too for other colours … black/grey, blue/white, navy/white, bottle green/white, pink/black, lilac/black – just pop us your order!

We been just commissioned to make 5 hats with a different sweary design too and I will share those with you real soon ❤️

Baby I Love You

Valentine is an excuse for us to be arty farty! My gift from Lee was this beautiful “Baby I Love You” drawing. The message is pretty special as it is a reference to the song by The Ramones and the tune for our first dance at our wedding. My card to Lee is a heart made out of one of my early swatches made on the machine knitting. Oh and I really do love him more than knitting!!!

Happy Valentines Day ❤️

Sweary Bobble Hat …

Very happy to have spent this weekend learning more about my knitting machine. Spent yesterday at a brilliant one day workshop learning all sorts of new things. Spent today fine-tuning my sweary bobble hat skills! Soooooooo blinkin’ happy how this one turned out … what do you think?