Marvellous Rotten …

We just sold another print on our little ‘Trashcan Emporium Handmade at Amazon’ shop. This time it was this awesome print from an original acrylic on

canvas of John Lyndon aka Johnny Rotten.

I am always in complete awe of how talented Lee is but truly this one is just stunning! What do you reckon?


Coffee Dregs Art…

When you are married to an artist I guess you shouldn’t really be surprised to find the dregs from the cafetière in the sink looking like this huh?

Love Always …

Special days are hard when you are newly bereaved. My birthday this week was so tough. How can you have a birthday without thinking of your mother? I did find some level of peace and tranquility walking the beautiful island of Skomer, but it was still a sad and emotional day. However, a ray of love eventually shone through with this beautiful birthday gift from Lee. Stunningly beautiful. His art captures moments I need to remember and help me to accept that life goes on and love goes on … always. ❤️

Hearty praise for punky art …

Lee is an old punk and his Brummy punk roots have been the source of inspiration for his art for many years.  We sell prints of his work through the studio and our social media sites, but also have a shop on 'Handmade at Amazon' which helps us reach people who have not yet connected with us.  We have recently sold  a print of his amazing John Lydon acrylic on canvas and received a lovely email message from the bloke who purchased saying "I just want to say thanks for a very speedy delivery and that I am well chuffed with the print.  It's an excellent painting of Mr Rotten".  He went on to ask whether Lee had created any other punk art and this reminded me to update our shop with some more of Lee's great punk pencil drawings. We just love a bit of feedback so sincere thanks to Andy  who took the time to message us and of course we would love to hear what you all think too ?

Inky shoes …

So Lee came home from the studio with some tattoo ink accidentally dropped on his white plimsolls. He had only had them a short while and I commented on how he was always splashing ink on his clothes. The next day Lee sent me a photo of the same shoes … not with just a couple of splashes of ink on them but lots and lots and lots! 

Certainly different … what do you think? 

21st Birthday Celebrations for Trash

Well  … we are celebrating Lee’s 21st birthday … hold on I hear you say didn’t Lee turn 50 last year?  He did indeed but this is his 21st birthday as a professional tattoo artist!

Birmingham born Lee, also known as ‘Trash,’ has been an artist since a child, and enjoyed the challenge of creating art in many different mediums before he discovered that his favourite canvas was skin.    He has now been celebrating 21 years of creating beautiful tattoos.

His career began at The Ink Shack, formerly of Coventry Road, Birmingham, but he soon swapped the big city life for the contrasting calmness,beauty and serenity of Pembrokeshire.  Lee’s first studio was on the Darkling near Pembroke Castle, but he moved to his current location at the top of Main Street, Pembroke around 8 years ago.

His bright studio, featuring his photo realism portraits and tattoo themed art-work is a hidden treasure, yet Lee has customers travelling hundreds of miles for his award winning art, huge talent and of course his TWENTY ONE years of tattoo experience.

To celebrate this 21st birthday milestone the studio has had a pretty cool make-over and we have designed a new logo. Lee is offering some free studio Tshirts and embroidered patches (featuring our new logo of course) to customers booking tattoos over the next few weeks.  You just need to mention our 21st birthday when you book your tattoo.

Forever Art Tattoo Studio, 101 Main Street, Pembroke SA71 4DB

Tel- 01646 684503

Or best way to contact is to drop us a message on our (Foreverart Facebook page …



My Love  Forevermore … 

We really enjoy a bit of extra arty-fartyness on special days and I am always so excited wondering what creativity Lee will surprise me with. 

This morning I received a beautiful piece of polished drift wood picked up  from our beach. Lee had engraved the driftwood in a proper old fashioned style with a L & K in an arrowed heart. Simple but yet so beautiful. 

Lee’s gift from me was a specially designed Valentine’s Day 2017 Tshirt featuring  the title of one of our favourite songs and the image of a dead man in the boot of a car! We both agree it is a very romantic gift indeed ❤️️

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovebirds!  Hope you all have a little love today and if you don’t then never give up … as me and Lee have shown it’s never too late to find your true love ❤️