Cool Collaboration…

Here at Trashcan Emporium we just love a happy collaboration. Quite often people have some wonderful ideas which we can tweak a little to bring their ideas alive. A young entrepreneurial friend of ours is designing an alternative T-shirt brand called Asbo Clothing. He approached us with a rudimentary sketch of an image he wanted for his range. Lee got creating and we think the result of this collaboration is pretty cool.

Big shout out to Conski and wishing you good luck with your new venture!


Very Cherry 🍒

Knitting machines are just so much damn fun! So far everything I have created has been on a standard gauge machine and I have been building myself up to learning how to use my chunky machine. I finally played with it last weekend and in no time at all created this cute little vest top right out of my head. I used a swatch, a bit of maths, a couple of rows of crochet and a hand knitted cherry appliqué. I blinkin’ love it and think it looks pretty good with my cherry necklace! Ooooooh and a very kind lady has just gifted me a third knitting machine … creations, creations, creations….

Colourful Sweary Bobble Hats …

So … our sweary bobble hats really have been in high demand! I am just working on an order of 20 for some very smart bikers in Brum. In the meantime I have been experimenting with some different colours, contrasts and bobble sizes. This colourful bunch of sweary hats will be available £15 each from the studio this afternoon!

What do you think?

Exhibition Ready …

So, I have mostly spent today hanging all Lee’s amazing work at The Torch Theatre in Milford Haven and I am so happy with the space, lighting and how it all looks there! Even whilst I was preparing the room visitors to The Torch were popping in to the gallery and gave me wonderful feedback about Lee’s work. Lee spent the morning tattooing at the studio and arrived just as the last piece was being hung. The exhibition is officially open and we are looking forward to our special viewing on Saturday 7th April at 7pm.

Blinking heck I am one very proud wife … ❤️

Angry Eagles…

Stranded in Pembroke, knee deep in snow, and unable to open the studio meant just one thing … time to paint!

This pair of angry eagles, inspired by a Sailor Jerry old school tattoo design, is the result of those snow bound few days!

As always canvas prints are available to order … oh and don’t forget if there is something special that YOU would like in a pencil drawing or on a canvas we can help … partner, kids, pet, home , cars … anything really … we can even customise your doc marten boots or old leather jacket … for a quote just message us your ideas, or pop into the studio for a chat with Lee!

Sweary Bobble Hat …

Very happy to have spent this weekend learning more about my knitting machine. Spent yesterday at a brilliant one day workshop learning all sorts of new things. Spent today fine-tuning my sweary bobble hat skills! Soooooooo blinkin’ happy how this one turned out … what do you think?

Happy New Skull (part deuce)

I popped into the studio yesterday afternoon and found Lee having a quiet few moments between his customers. The huge huge skull painting he started a couple weeks ago seems to be coming along beautifully …