Tattoo Kitchen …

Our kitchen was in desperate need of a revamp. When we moved in to the bungalow the solid oak units were painted cream and we did brighten the walls up with a splash of orange but it was always a little boring for us. A little spark of an idea for the up-cycle project came when the lovely Jo gifted us a pack of 4 tattoo style ceramic door knobs by ‘Temerity Jones’ and said “I saw these and thought of you two!” From those four door knobs has sprung a whole tattoo themed kitchen. We sourced more ‘Temerity Jones’ ceramic knobs and alternated the hearts and swallows throughout the kitchen with 27 new door knobs in total. The cream wooden kitchen units were painted in eggshell ‘Retro Chic” by Valspar and we were so happy to find some completely awesome tattoo and knitting themed wallpaper (I know just perfect huh?) to decoupage the centre panels from ‘’. The wallpaper has brilliant messages such as ‘Knit Fast Die Warm’ and ‘Born to Knit’ emblazoned over it which I just adore. A couple of coats of varnish later and our boring cream kitchen is totally transformed into a tattoo inspired bright retro kitchen!

What do you think?


Coffee Dregs Art…

When you are married to an artist I guess you shouldn’t really be surprised to find the dregs from the cafetière in the sink looking like this huh?

Love Always …

Special days are hard when you are newly bereaved. My birthday this week was so tough. How can you have a birthday without thinking of your mother? I did find some level of peace and tranquility walking the beautiful island of Skomer, but it was still a sad and emotional day. However, a ray of love eventually shone through with this beautiful birthday gift from Lee. Stunningly beautiful. His art captures moments I need to remember and help me to accept that life goes on and love goes on … always. ❤️

Sweet swallow of love …

Way back in the late 1950’s my dad had tattoo of an old school swallow carrying a scroll of my mum’s name. Many many years later on a Turkish holiday he asked a local ‘artist’ to tidy it up. The ‘artist’ messed up what was once a beautiful poignant tattoo and my dad was keen for Lee to try and rework it.  However my dad takes Warfarin daily which means that he cannot have a tattoo.  Dad was disappointed and so Lee drew this sweet little rendition of the tattoo he would have liked to have created for my dad and we gave him the framed drawing as a gift. 

Tattoo art can bring also bring pleasure when it’s in a frame huh?

Rosy red apples 🍎 

I am such a girl. I unashamedly adore frills, bows and buttons. As soon as I saw this stunning fabric printed with rosy red apples it reminded me of the sort of fabric a frilly 1950’s pinny would have been made of.  It was this that inspired this frilly,  half circle skirt made using my own design.  

Oh and I also designed the Johnny Cash and June Carter ‘Darlin’ Companion’ vest … love this too as it is the song I danced down the aisle to ❤️

What do you think?


Patching it up … 

I love to upcycle clothes … I keep my eyes and mind wide open for clothes I know I can work a bit of magic with! I love to appliqué, or patch, or sometimes just swapping the buttons … every piece becomes a totally unique one off item! Some, like these gorgeous appliquéd wiggle skirts,  head straight to the studio for sale to our customers. Others, like this cute rose jacket or polka dot pumps,  stay right in my own wardrobe. 

What do you think? 

Icons Galore … 

So … yesterday I was mostly creating little 6×4 greeting cards using Lee’s amazing Icon artwork. Originally the artwork was created for our Tshirts (£13)  but we realised that they are also pretty cool in mounts (£15 for a mounted 10 x 12) or on blank greetings cards (£3).  Each design has been hand drawn by Lee using an iconic image as inspiration, even the fonts on these have been hand drawn. My job is to trace and carefully vinyl cut each images.  I blinking love them … what do you think?