Woody on guitar and Trash as Cash …

Blinkin’ love Trash and Woody together … two top blokes, doing what they love, supporting each other, developing each other, inspiring each other, creating amazing tattoos and wonderful art, and also having some fun ❤️

Forever Art Tattoo Studio Pembroke for an ace Tattoo by top blokes and maybe some live music too! 🎶



We love doing different things here at Trashcan Emporium and so we were thrilled when a fabulous local ceramic artist ‘Lesley Badger Ceramics’ asked if we would brand her little car. Lesley provided us with her regular business card and we just replicated the info, and of course her cute little badger logo, on the back of her car. It really is instant and free advertising and we were so pleased to be able to help another local artist. Oh and what a backdrop to the photos huh?

By the way her work is simply beautiful and you can check it out here…

Lesley Badger Ceramics

Probably the best beach in the world …

Over the holiday period our Freshwater East T-shirts have been snapped up by lots of people to give to friends and relatives as gifts. We know for sure that some ended up in Australia and Hawaii but we also know some have just gone on a little holiday.

Here is one happy T-Shirt currently on holiday in Malaga.

We love to see our creations all around the world so do send us your pics … and we really do think that Freshwater East is probably the best beach in the world ❤️

Happy New Year…

I love the first day of a new year… so much promise of what is to come and always a head full of things I want to achieve over the next 365 days! The usual stuff is ever present – lose weight, drink less, exercise more blah blah blah, but 2019 especially brings additional wishes, such as create more lovely things, learn lots of new skills, and share all that is Trashcan Emporium more widely.

We love to know the final destination of Trashcan Emporium creations so please do tag us if purchase any cool stuff of us or you receive any Trashcan Emporium gifts. Yesterday we were chuffed to be tagged in this cool photo of Lee’s art hanging in the home of a happy new customer. Thanks to Katie for the tag and for appreciating Lee’s amazing talent. ❤️

So… here is to 2019, loads of creativity, and many more happy customers!

Happy New Year all …

A Muggy Afternoon

I had a lovely afternoon in The ThreadShed today, creating unique and personalised mugs with two beautiful young dancers who were holidaying in the area. The ballet loving friends were gifted the experience for Xmas by a smart dad. They told me on arrival that they weren’t at all creative and didn’t have any ideas for their mug whatsoever. With the help of some suggestions from myself and Mr Google we soon got the creative ideas flowing and set to work. The girls were so pleased with the end result.

Don’t forget if you are interested in spending some creative time with me in The ThreadShed there are also other things we can do. The ‘Make Your Own Mug’ is just one of the experiences on offer at The ThreadShed in 2019… we can sew a half circle skirt, create a beautiful embroidered cushion or design a unique T-Shirt.

I really do just love being arty farty in The TheadShed …

Happy Holiday Art …

It’s been a real month of adventure as we are just at the end of a holiday of a lifetime, with visits to San Francisco, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Of course, travelling artists still draw, and as a special thank you to Tosh, Debs, Scott and Ellie, for all the love, kindness and laughter they showered us with, Lee created this stunning, totally unique, New Zealand inspired, pen and coloured pencil drawing just for them.

What do you think?

Skull Skirt

I wanted to sew a little holiday skirt out of the cool fabric we designed using Lee’s Bic Biro skull drawings and had printed through Spoonflower. Despite having hundreds of sewing patterns I couldn’t find one that matched the picture in my head and so I just drew up a sweet design myself.

I wore the skirt for the first time yesterday and had lots of compliments. Blinkin’ loved that I was wearing a skirt made by me, using fabric designed by me created from drawings penned by Lee. Now that is truly one-off skirt!

Oh and surely every girl needs a skull skirt?