Sew why not have a change …

Sometimes you just need a bit of a change without adding to landfill or being wasteful. I recently helped a lovely friend to do just that! Her pale blue, expensive family sofa set had taken a bit of a hit just through general daily use and the family pet. Rather than replace the whole thing, like so many do, she commissioned my sewing skills to give her sofa a big makeover.

Wanting to shop local, we trawled some nearby fabric shops, (sadly few and far between in deepest darkest West Wales) but ended up ordering a beautiful blue striped Jacquard fabric from Unfortunately, the supplier made an huge error and sent just 2 metres instead of the 16 metres we had ordered. It was not so easy getting My Fabrics to believe that they had made this huge mistake, but after a lengthy email exchange they eventually sent the other 14 metres, albeit without a real apology. (Hmmm won’t be fabric shopping there again!)

Unfortunately their error and subsequent delay really messed up my work schedule and more than 33 hours of frantic sewing followed their late delivery. However, there were big smiles all around once the job was completed (almost to deadline).

The sofa transformation is simply gorgeous and this happy sewist now has completely delighted customers!

What do you think?

Sofa makeover in a beautiful
blue striped Jacquard fabric

Super stools …

Well my linseed oil and furry pink animal print renovations didn’t stop at the dressing table stool but moved onto a couple of old kitchen stools that I picked up last year for £10. They have come in very useful when I am running workshops and classes in my little pink ThreadShed and now are going to match and of course look simply fabulous!

Cute furry seat …

So my dressing table stool was falling apart. A couple of glue attempts hadn’t helped and it was time to give up. I have been keeping a little eye out for something lovely for a while and this morning I spotted a real beauty on FB marketplace for a simple £5. The tapestry top was dilapidated and the seat was a sunken mess filled with horsehair, wadding and sacking. All it needed was a couple of coats of linseed oil, a bit of ply board and some cute furry animal print fabric and afterwards I have a cute new dressing table stool. What do you think? I blinkin love it!

A Story of Upholstery…

I love the local pub in our village. The Freshwater Inn offers a wonderful welcome and it is so nice to pop in for a quick drink or for tasty home-cooked food. To be honest, me and the husband have spent so much time there that the lovely couple who run it are now good friends. When they needed 14 pub stools covered I got creative by making little mop-cap type covers, and when they wanted cushions to match I popped them off the machine too. However, my ‘piece de la resistance’ is covering 12 foot of pub bench with foam and fabric and making a damn fine job of it too!

I think we can now add upholstery to the list of arty farty stuff that Trashcan Emporium are able to offer. Covers or cushions anyone?

What do you think?