Path to Fresh East…

It’s rare The Husband paints a landscape … but I sooooooooo wanted to have a canvas of our beautiful bay at Freshwater East. One day, as we were walking onto the beach, he took a quite stunning photo and happily decided to paint it. The finished piece is absolutely wondrous and huge … really huge. We needed a very large space to hang it on and some good friends of ours have just bought themselves a fabulous inn in nearby Lamphey. The place has so much character, with lovely bed rooms for overnight stays, an amazing chef (who I just know is going to cook up a storm) and a lovely spacious environment for customers to relax and enjoy. They were truly delighted to hang the breathtaking canvas above the period fireplace in their quirky bar area. We think it looks fabulous there and we would like to wish Anna, Greg, Victoria and Andy, as well as their chef Antoni, every success as they open the doors of The Dial Inn for the first time today. Good luck!

Oh and a limited number of mounted A3 size prints are available for £40 each ❤️

Lemmy is God …

Lee has been working for a while on his portrait of Lemmy. I have so enjoyed watching the gradual transformation from a sketch on a canvas to an absolutely jaw dropping finished piece. Truly my husband is so damn talented!

We are going to be offering strictly limited edition prints of this painting, and of course all Lee’s other work, and you can order via social media or our Trashcan Emporium shop on Handmade at Amazon. Who will be the proud owner of print # 1/100?

Woweee it’s Bowie … 

Yesterday Lee finished the portrait of David Bowie he has been working on. It is acrylic on canvas. I absolutely adore David Bowie and am completely blown away by this stunning portrait. 

We are going to be releasing limited edition canvas prints at £50 each! 

Well … what do you think? 

A Xmas Gift 

I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing, festive break away from the humdrum. 

I love being married to an artist … I get the most beautiful original presents from my new husband. 

This Xmas I had a beautiful pencil drawing of love and togetherness, and a bright, colourful acrylic of a blue eyed, red-haired gal ❤️
I love them both so much …