Hey Ho Let’s Go …

The Ramones cloakroom finally has central heating. Of course, this may mean that we will linger a little longer than before, so it was time to tear down the scruffy Venetian blind and pop up a new curtain. It had to be a Ramones curtain of course… made by me with some white polka dot cotton and some randomly placed red vinyl. Hey Ho Lets Go!

Ramones Cloakroom

Baby I Love You …

I have been busily making us some new Tees for our forthcoming little jaunt. I absolutely adore this vest with a print of some art that Lee created for a Valentines gift for me.

It immortalises our first dance as Mr and Mrs, whilst still in the beautiful chapel at Manorbier Castle, to ‘Baby I Love You’ by The Ramones.

I am one lucky gal … and so to my beautiful, creative, colourful, kind, and now beardless husband…

‘Baby I Love You Too’ ❤️

Baby I Love You

Valentine is an excuse for us to be arty farty! My gift from Lee was this beautiful “Baby I Love You” drawing. The message is pretty special as it is a reference to the song by The Ramones and the tune for our first dance at our wedding. My card to Lee is a heart made out of one of my early swatches made on the machine knitting. Oh and I really do love him more than knitting!!!

Happy Valentines Day ❤️