Bic Biro Bowling …

A little while ago Trashcan Emporium created our first fabric using lots of Lee’s Bic Biro Skull drawings for the design which we uploaded and ordered at the Spoonflower website. As we were attending a purple themed wedding yesterday I decided to use some of the fabric on a unique bowling shirt for Lee. Each individual drawing has Lee’s signature to it and there are 9 different skull drawings on the fabric in total.

I used a very versatile pattern by McCall’s, which mean that I could literally use this pattern hundreds of times and never make two shirts the same! However, I am in the middle of sewing another exactly the same for someone very special on the other side of the world ❤️

Do you love this shirt too? Or can you see it in different fabrics or colour? I’m happy to make these shirts to order so let me know if you’d like one made for you too!


Getting Shirty …

After a month of being unable to knit or sew with this damn shoulder injury, I spent this morning making Lee a cool bowling shirt. At school I had this lovely kind old teacher Mrs Bees who taught me sewing and home economics. I was once very unruly in her class. She spoke to me after class and was so sad about how I had behaved. I felt so guilty that I never misbehaved in her class again. So a nod to Mrs Bees for teaching me a bit of sewing and a lot of humility ❤️