Snow White with love ❤️ 

Lee and I had our very first wedding anniversary at the weekend (also his 51st birthday of course) and to celebrate we booked a cute little circus wagon in North Amsterdam which we found on Air BnB. 

I awoke in the wagon in the big cosy bed, with the birds singing and the sun shining, and my romantic husband presented me with a red heart shaped box. I was so thrilled when I opened it to find this beautiful Snow White brooch that Lee had hand crafted in Das clay with a scalpel, and hand painted in acrylics  especially for me. 

Snow White is so very special to me as my angel Abigail adored Snow White and we played “Some day my prince will come” at her funeral. 

I waited a very long time for my prince but he was definitely worth that wait …  ❤️🌈⭐️🌹💜

My little cherub ❤

So a week ago I was feeling a little emptional. It was 21 years since my baby daughter Abigail died after an operation to remove a brain tumour. 21 years without a little girl that I only had the privilege of having in my life for 22 months. Way over a year ago I had mentioned to Lee that I would like an angel tattoo in a similar style to the heart tattoo of us both that we have on our left thigh. Lee created the drawing and I somehow never got around to getting the tattoo. However, last week felt right. I clocked off work half hour early and my lovely husband worked late into the evening to create this beautiful blue eyed cherub with light brown hair and a sweet smile. Simply beautiful … for my beautiful Abigail. ❤