Pussycat Prince … 

Lee recently created this gorgeous pussycat tattoo for a customer who wanted an image to represent their own gorgeous moggy! They wanted the car to wear a crown as they told Lee he was a proper ‘Prince’.  I just love the finished tattoo as I think it’s a real different take on a cute ginger pussycat!  ❤️


Ace Cards … 

Next two weekends ‘Trashcan Emporium’ is going to be busy! Picton Castle Victorian Christmas Market on 19th and 20th, and Manorbier Castle Christmas Fayre on 26th and 27th. 

Unfortunately Picton Castle only had outdoor space available. We just got our gazebo out and it looks incredibly flimsy …. please please please let the weather be kind to us!

I have made a lovely selection of cards for our stalls and I really don’t want these ace cards getting drenched in our lovely Welsh weather! 

Pretty Kitties…

A little while ago a lovely friend, learning of my hobby of creating unique and original up-cycled handbags, gave me a large black glittery trimmed bag with a matching purse. I decided I wanted to transform it into a special bag for her. My friend is a doting mammy to 7 furry babies and so of course the bag had to include 7 cats. Instead of trying to match each cat motif to the colour of her kitties I made them all bright blue to match my friends gorgeous blue hair.  I love that the tail of kitty number 7 peeps out of the pocket on the front. 

A really cute and original bag … I hope my friend  likes it ❤️