A unique Tee for a Strange Fish…

So a lovely friend of ours had his 50th birthday this week. He is known affectionately as “Strange-Fish” and I decided to make him a special, strange-fish kinda birthday Tee. I love making one-off T-shirts knowing that no one else in the world will have one exactly the same. I just love how it turned out too!

Oh and don’t forget if you want a unique Tee for a special friend, or special occasion, or just to be damn different, we can help!


Getting Shirty …

After a month of being unable to knit or sew with this damn shoulder injury, I spent this morning making Lee a cool bowling shirt. At school I had this lovely kind old teacher Mrs Bees who taught me sewing and home economics. I was once very unruly in her class. She spoke to me after class and was so sad about how I had behaved. I felt so guilty that I never misbehaved in her class again. So a nod to Mrs Bees for teaching me a bit of sewing and a lot of humility ❤️

A Blinkin’ Top Swap…

Our postman Joe showed Lee a picture of a really cool Jack Daniels guitar that he had made from recycled wood. Lee, despite not being able to play the guitar, fell in love with it. Luckily Joe was also looking for some new tattoos and the creative pair struck up a swap deal. We now own the beautiful Jack Daniels guitar from 'Boxed Blues' (who also make stomp boxes) and Joe has some amazing new ink from 'Foreverart Tattoos'. Just love this reciprocity … I call it Pembrokeshire currency! Next swap hopefully a cool stomp box!
(Oh and if there is a builder looking for some amazing ink I want a little porthole installed in our bedroom wall 😄)

Them boots were made for painting … 

So…we have a little shop on Amazon (Handmade at Amazon section – which sadly doesn’t allow us to sell our quirky clothes and Tshirts yet) where we showcase some of our arty farty stuff. In the shop are some of our hand-painted and hand-appliquéd handbags and briefcases, and we also sell prints of Lee’s awesome artwork. Every print is strictly limited edition and with Elvis, Bowie and other icons we have lots on offer. However our top selling item in our shop is this awesome Doc Marten’s print which has been in high demand. Just recently one was bought as a wedding present for a couple of old skinheads. What an awesome wedding present huh? 

I love that Lee’s artwork is displayed in homes all around the country.  Lee thonks that like all good artists his art will probably be worth more when he is dead … I much prefer the thought of people enjoying his art whilst he is definitely alive and kicking (in his Doc Martens of course). 

Oh and if you would like to order amy of Lee’s prints just drop us a message direct … it will save Amazon robbing us of 25% 😄

Pop art family snap … 

I was commissioned to create a special birthday card this week for my brother-in-law.  My sister, who commissioned the card, gave me total free reign to create something different.  I love a challenge … so found this happy family photo …  and traced it then cut it out in  vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo. 

I just love creating these very personal cards which I think are proper little works of art. 

What do you think? 

Fresh designs at The Freshwater Inn

So this weekend I have been mostly making polo shirts which were commissioned by The Freshwater Inn. 

We are so lucky to have this  warm and welcoming village pub as our local. The pub is situated in Freshwater East village just above the  beach and has beautiful sea views from the garden and conservatory.  The pub has just had a super duper make-over and the owners wanted some smart  new polo shirts for their staff team. 

Lee drew the original design for them (it’s absolutely  not just an off the shelf font folks)  and I got busy with the vinyl and cutting. 

We just took all the polo shirts up to pub and had a super scrummy Sunday lunch too! Absolute result! 

What do you think? (Dexter stuck his nose in the photo …good job it’s a dog friendly pub!) 

Ace Cards … 

Next two weekends ‘Trashcan Emporium’ is going to be busy! Picton Castle Victorian Christmas Market on 19th and 20th, and Manorbier Castle Christmas Fayre on 26th and 27th. 

Unfortunately Picton Castle only had outdoor space available. We just got our gazebo out and it looks incredibly flimsy …. please please please let the weather be kind to us!

I have made a lovely selection of cards for our stalls and I really don’t want these ace cards getting drenched in our lovely Welsh weather!