Festive Skirts for Sale …

I’ve been busily stitching up some festive skirts in gorgeous vintage fabric.

I have 5 available … in a mixture of sizes such as 14-16, 16-18 and 18-20 (ish) at £20 each and they come with a tie headband and their own dust bag for safe storage outside the festivities.

They really are beautiful and so very flattering too as the fullness is at the bottom and there is no bulk around the middle.

Every lovely lady needs a festive skirt surely? To purchase just drop me a message … 

1. Bold Xmas print in reds and greens and a gorgeous heavy true vintage fabric – waist 35” and length 24” (14-16)

2. Bold Xmas print in gorgeous heavy true vintage fabric – waist 39” and length 27” (18-20)

3. Beautiful red green and gold true vintage Santa fabric – waist 39” and length 25” (18-20ish)

4. Stunning green true vintage fabric of golden bells and red/green holly – waist 38” and length 26” (16-18ish)

5. Gorgeous red true vintage fabric with golden bells and red/green holly – waist 38” and length 25”(16-18ish)

Unicorns and Cookie Monsters …

The “Arty Farty design your own TShirt” advertised on AirBnB as an experience is definitely the most popular thing to do in The ThreadShed. Each TShirt that leaves the ThreadShed is unique and is a wonderful reflection of the personality and character of the designer.

Recently two fabulous holidaymakers visiting the area came with their own pretty clear design ideas and it was great fun working with them both and watching their ideas evolve. Their final happy designs of a cookie monster bursting through a big cookie and a pink unicorn dead lifting giant balls of rainbow wool brought some smiles and will be a very unique reminder of their holiday in Wales.


Showing the sewing …

Smiley, chatty Emily popped along to The ThreadShed for a sewing lesson during a half term visit to her Granny. There is an option on my wonderful Brother sewing machine to remove the foot pedal and instead use a button to stop and start the machine. This is a great feature when working with children and helps them get to grips with controlling both the fabric and the needle. Emily told me that her favourite fruit was watermelon so we also decided to embroider a cute personalised patch to sew onto her cushion. The animal print furry fabric Emily chose was quite bulky, and not so easy to sew as the two sides didn’t stay together easily. However when we were finished Emily checked the cushion very carefully to make sure it was all stitched properly. Her inspection was so thorough that Granny and I decided Emily had a future career in quality control. The end result was FAB-U-LOUS and Emily now has a gorgeous, personalised, fluffy cushion for her bedroom that she has made herself and how many 10 year olds can say that huh?

Sewing away …

Sometimes a Mummy on her holiday in Wales comes to The ThreadShed to enjoy a little quiet sewing time. This week a lovely Mummy devoted some peaceful hours to learning to sew, whilst Dad took two adorable children to Pembroke Castle for some half term adventures. The day before the Mummy messaged me “I am a complete novice – I apologise in advance!” Yet, on the day of the “arty Farty sew your own skirt experience” she sewed confidently, neatly and deftly, and in around 3.75 hours (almost setting an experience record) her gorgeous summery skirt, in a white cotton fabric with teeny coloured polka dots, was all finished.

My peaceful little ThreadShed, situated just 0.2 miles from stunning Freshwater East Bay, is the perfect space for busy mummies (or daddies) to learn something new in a calm, quiet, cosy (very pink) environment. We have gift vouchers available so why not gift a sewing experience to someone you love?

Sew much fun…

A sewing experience in the ThreadShed is individual, personal, attentive and totally focussed on the learning pace of the customer. If I can inspire someone to really start sewing then I’m pretty chuffed! . This week the lovely Julie spent a morning with me learning how to use a sewing machine. Julie is already a creative person (check out her sweet stuff on JMcCrafts), with her very own version of The ThreadShed in her garden, she just wanted to add sewing to her skills and makes. Julie was soon stitching beautifully and had her gorgeous cushion cover all sewn up in just two hours. She chose a gorgeous vintage cotton print and did a proper neat job. Best of all after the session was over Julie messaged me to say her new Brother sewing machine is on order. That a girl!

Arrive angry – leave happy …

Had a great morning in the ThreadShed with a young man down from England scouting the area for schools and houses with his Mam. He had wanted to head back home first thing but Mam had already booked him a design your own TShirt experience at The ThreadShed. Nevertheless he soon got stuck right into the creative process and incorporated all his great ideas into a very unique and personal TShirt.

Best of all he told me that he had arrived angry but left happy! Absolute result!

Happy space – happy place ❤️

Bless this f€%#*$g lush house!

Been playing on my amazing embroidery machine and of course pretending to be one of the Bronte sisters, sitting by the open fire, patiently stitching my sampler (have imagination – run wild).

The result is this gorgeous grey fabric embroidery piece in a vintage wooden frame for that authentic look.

It is just £20 – can be picked up from the studio or we can send out to you if you add £3 postage and packing!

Oh and I can also make these to order with your own “sweet” wording ❤️