Granny Kazzy & Grampa Trash

Well sometimes life throws lovely things at you but completely from left field. With the big S Word birthday fast approaching, and absolutely no sign of any of my brood producing any grand babies, didn’t I just have the biggest surprise? Yep me and The Husband are soon going to be known as Granny Kazzy and Grampa Trash!

How exciting and what a gorgeously luscious excuse to start making lots of cute and lovely things huh?

Soooo … I found this gorgeous little pram blanket in an old Paton crochet pattern book dated way back in 1969 and it’s turned out so beautiful! I just love the thought of my little grandson tucked up underneath. Awwww makes me feel a little bit teary ❤️

Patons 1969 First Steps in Crochet Book

Crochet Ties…

My mum passed me all her old knitting and crotchet patterns, and having recently discovered my crochet needles again I decided to find a good crochet pattern. Thumbing through the very old pattern books,, Lee decided he needed a crochet tie as he remembered his dad having one! This 1969 pattern was nice and easy for my crochet comeback, and Lee is one happy man ❤️