Cool Collaboration…

Here at Trashcan Emporium we just love a happy collaboration. Quite often people have some wonderful ideas which we can tweak a little to bring their ideas alive. A young entrepreneurial friend of ours is designing an alternative T-shirt brand called Asbo Clothing. He approached us with a rudimentary sketch of an image he wanted for his range. Lee got creating and we think the result of this collaboration is pretty cool.

Big shout out to Conski and wishing you good luck with your new venture!

Icons for all …

So … today we have been mostly making Tshirts in our brand new and exciting Icon range. 

Lee has been busy drawing up the images of some really cool icons, that either we came up with ourselves or someone suggested to us. Lee’s images are simply wonderful … seriously I just want them all! 

Once each drawing is complete my task then is to scan them in to my design programme, cut them out,  and for the finishing touch I sew our Trashcan Emporium label onto the sleeve. 

These are Tshirts individually produced with love and care, with unique hand drawn images. None of your mass produced stuff but something pretty special for those who dare to be different. 

Reasonably priced and easy to order. 

We will even create a Bespoke Tshirt with a photo of your choice for just £25. 

What do you think? We make a good team huh? 

You looking at me? 

So at the weekend Lee and I went out to dinner. Lee drove as I had drank a couple of glasses of Prosecco and was feeling rather woozy!  The sun was blazing through the windscreen and I was using my phone camera as a mirror (does anyone else do this or is it just me).  As I freshened up my lippy, the screen on the camera caught the sunlight and created such a cool image  that I quickly selfie snapped it. I showed Lee and he loved it too so I shared it with him via What’s App. 

Today, I’m in a work meeting in London and this beautiful gift of love dropped into my inbox.  The cool selfie I took transformed into a beautiful drawing created with coloured pencils and loads of love by my gorgeous husband.  ❤️

I simply adore being married to an artist … 

‘Drawn by Trash’