Starry Art …

Lots of creativity going on in the Trashcan household during these crazy times. We hope you are all staying safe and well.

Lee just created these beautiful wooden brooches … they are hand painted and are just 3 inches high. They are £20 each for an original piece of signed art that you can wear proudly every day! We will throw in free postage and gift wrap if you want to purchase them as a gift to brighten the day of someone you love!

Three of my absolute fave stars … Bowie, Monroe and Presley – I absolutely adore them all but which is your favourite?

Happy New Year…

I love the first day of a new year… so much promise of what is to come and always a head full of things I want to achieve over the next 365 days! The usual stuff is ever present – lose weight, drink less, exercise more blah blah blah, but 2019 especially brings additional wishes, such as create more lovely things, learn lots of new skills, and share all that is Trashcan Emporium more widely.

We love to know the final destination of Trashcan Emporium creations so please do tag us if purchase any cool stuff of us or you receive any Trashcan Emporium gifts. Yesterday we were chuffed to be tagged in this cool photo of Lee’s art hanging in the home of a happy new customer. Thanks to Katie for the tag and for appreciating Lee’s amazing talent. ❤️

So… here is to 2019, loads of creativity, and many more happy customers!

Happy New Year all …

Them boots were made for painting … 

So…we have a little shop on Amazon (Handmade at Amazon section – which sadly doesn’t allow us to sell our quirky clothes and Tshirts yet) where we showcase some of our arty farty stuff. In the shop are some of our hand-painted and hand-appliquéd handbags and briefcases, and we also sell prints of Lee’s awesome artwork. Every print is strictly limited edition and with Elvis, Bowie and other icons we have lots on offer. However our top selling item in our shop is this awesome Doc Marten’s print which has been in high demand. Just recently one was bought as a wedding present for a couple of old skinheads. What an awesome wedding present huh? 

I love that Lee’s artwork is displayed in homes all around the country.  Lee thonks that like all good artists his art will probably be worth more when he is dead … I much prefer the thought of people enjoying his art whilst he is definitely alive and kicking (in his Doc Martens of course). 

Oh and if you would like to order amy of Lee’s prints just drop us a message direct … it will save Amazon robbing us of 25% 😄

Elvis has left the Easel…

So … after lots of creative work… it is finally ready. This fabulous ‘acrylic on canvas’ of the iconic and legendary Elvis has now left the easel.   

We have prints available for purchase. Prints are strictly limited edition and are  £50 each. The prints measure 16.5 x 23.4 inches (smaller and bigger also available) and each is numbered and signed by Lee on the reverse. 

I just bet you can’t help falling in love with it uh-huh-huh ❤