The Blue Eye of the Tiger …

Sorting through my photos today to try and release some additional storage space I came across this absolutely awesome Tiger from last year.   Lee created this piece on my daughter Poppy’s thigh and I think it is an absolute showstopper! 

Lee had the idea of adding to this thigh piece with a range of beautiful animals all in similar triangular shapes to create a leg sleeve.  Whilst I do think this would be a spectacular leg piece Poppy has decided to go for something a bit more floral when she adds some surround to the work. 

What do you think? 

Them boots were made for painting … 

So…we have a little shop on Amazon (Handmade at Amazon section – which sadly doesn’t allow us to sell our quirky clothes and Tshirts yet) where we showcase some of our arty farty stuff. In the shop are some of our hand-painted and hand-appliquéd handbags and briefcases, and we also sell prints of Lee’s awesome artwork. Every print is strictly limited edition and with Elvis, Bowie and other icons we have lots on offer. However our top selling item in our shop is this awesome Doc Marten’s print which has been in high demand. Just recently one was bought as a wedding present for a couple of old skinheads. What an awesome wedding present huh? 

I love that Lee’s artwork is displayed in homes all around the country.  Lee thonks that like all good artists his art will probably be worth more when he is dead … I much prefer the thought of people enjoying his art whilst he is definitely alive and kicking (in his Doc Martens of course). 

Oh and if you would like to order amy of Lee’s prints just drop us a message direct … it will save Amazon robbing us of 25% 😄

Fine art … 

Lee recently completed this wonderful tattoo inspired by  piece of art by Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss born painter and sculptor who died back in 1966. 

Our customer’s son was undertaking  an art project and the striking image dropped out of his art folder and dropped to the floor. It was found by his fascinated father who immediately thought it would make a pretty great tattoo. Of course, with Lee as your tattoo artist,  it makes an absolutely spectacular tattoo! 

Dying Romantic …

Lee recently completed this amazing tattoo on one of our regular customers.  The customer is also an artist currently creating some wonderful pottery work, and Lee always enjoys their  arty farty chats whilst he works. The customer drew up this beautiful design himself and Lee brought it to life on the skin. 

What do you think?

Horsey Horsey …

On a recent visit to Lee’s home town of Brum he took a commission from the wife of one of his oldest and dearest friends. Sara wanted a portrait of her horse and so Lee used Bic Biro and coloured pencils to create this beautiful drawing. Sarah was delighted and told Lee it’s going to take pride of place ❤

Daddy Son Majora’s Mask … 

So … my step son is a gamer nerd and so it was no surprise to me that for his second tattoo he picked a gamer theme design. However, what was a surprise to me was how much I like it. Bright beautiful colours … and sorta cute (oops … I don’t think he will like that I think it’s cute).  I guess its pretty special tattooing your son and knowing that the tattoo will still be adorning his body long after you have gone to the great tattoo parlour in the sky?  Not ashamed to say I had absolutely no idea what this tattoo was and had to text the Stepson to make sure I got the reference right. Of course it is Majora’s Mask from Legend of Zelda  😄 What do you think?

A Sovereign & Dove 

So Lee has just completed some pretty cool work on one of our regular customers. 

Our lovely customer has himself a gorgeous baby boy and choose a beautiful tattoo of a dove to celebrate his new arrival. 

He also wanted something special to remember his grandfather and Lee created this beautifully detailed ‘Gold Sovereign’ for him. 

As always great work and a happy customer. Oh and as he remembered to mention our 21st birthday a free studio Tshirt will be winging its way to him ❤