Birthday Arty …

As you know The Husband loves to gift me his unique and wonderful arty creations for our special days. For my most recent birthday present he created this beautiful colourful art. It was inspired by a selfie I took of us on our wedding anniversary where Lee is catching the Rhossili sunset in a glass of Prosecco. I simply love the boldness of the colours and also that our beautiful anniversary moment is captured in Lee’s very own unique way. Honestly you can stuff the birthday party … I am utterly happy with my birthday arty!

What do you think?


Fresh Ideas …

Lee spent yesterday coming up with some Fresh ideas for our T-shirts. Given that Trashcan Emporium are going to have an arty farty stall at the craft fare and dog show taking place at The Longhouse in Freshwater East on Sunday 6th August, he decided to give them the local feel. We will have a few sizes of each at the craft fare or of course you can order in advance direct via any of our Social media sites.

We blinkin’ love Freshwater East and we also love these cool Fresh inspired T-Shirts … what do you think?

Old Skull …

Art takes many forms and Lee finds beauty in many things. I love and appreciate this about him so much but sometimes I do wonder! Many people pick shells and driftwood from the beach but how many people pick up old bones?

Lee’s latest piece of art features a paint-dipped seagull skull. Also underway are a magpie and some rats that have been very kindly provided by friends who live on a farm.

It will I’m sure make a very unusual collection but I am suggesting to Lee that perhaps this is one for display in the studio?

Tiger Splash …

Jack, a local young business man, chose a tiger with a splash of colour for his first tattoo with Lee. We just called into The Longhouse for a post beach walk drink with the pups and managed to get a quick snap of his tattoo. We also were pleased to find him modelling one of the unique ‘I ❤️ Fresh’ tees that we designed especially for his little shop.

What do you think?

Thread Shed…

So … our little 2 bedroom bungalow is bursting at the seams. It’s lovely to have Youngest Son happily living with us, and great to have Stepson home for his Summer break from Uni, but this means me and my 3 knitting machines, 2 sewing machines, TShirt press, Hague Linker, Vinyl Cutter (and mountains of yarn and fabric) are officially evicted from my former craft room.

The only solution is to build me my very own creative workshop in the garden. I am very excited now that all the materials have arrived. Building work is ready to commence next week but one thing is absolutely ready to go. The husband may not be able to build me a workshop but he can definitely make me a damn cool sign for it.

Welcome to the first finished component of ‘The Thread Shed’ ❤️

What do you think?

Surf’s Up Part II …

The wall mural down at The Longhouse, which is situated at the side of the beach in Freshwater East, is now all complete. Pete, the super hard-working owner, is really happy with the wall and has added a very cool surf board window ledge into the piece. Pete has the pleasure of employing two of our offspring who are both so happy working there. Our boys get to hear first hand the fabulous feedback the mural is receiving from the Longhouse customers too which is blinkin’ great! Do pop in and take a look and let us know what you think!

A Story of Upholstery…

I love the local pub in our village. The Freshwater Inn offers a wonderful welcome and it is so nice to pop in for a quick drink or for tasty home-cooked food. To be honest, me and the husband have spent so much time there that the lovely couple who run it are now good friends. When they needed 14 pub stools covered I got creative by making little mop-cap type covers, and when they wanted cushions to match I popped them off the machine too. However, my ‘piece de la resistance’ is covering 12 foot of pub bench with foam and fabric and making a damn fine job of it too!

I think we can now add upholstery to the list of arty farty stuff that Trashcan Emporium are able to offer. Covers or cushions anyone?

What do you think?