Gothic Bride…

Yesterday we were honoured to be official witnesses at the wedding of some dear friends. A few months back the bride had an idea of her wedding dress and showed me some photos. Within a couple of weeks we started working on her design together, with a couple of days in The ThreadShed taming mountains of pink, purple and black tulle and net. The photos we took at the time were so lovely, with all the beautiful colours coming together on my little sewing machine. I posted a couple of teasers on social media back then, but finally I can do the big reveal and tell you that the bride looked absolutely stunning and the colours were just wonderful. When the wind blew the dress was a fascinating movement of glorious colour. Truly a spectacular, show stopping dress.

It was an honour to help this bride create her dream wedding dress and I would really love to help other brides create their dream dresses too. Oh and I have a huge box of vintage wedding dress patterns that need to be put to good use ❤️

Anyways … c’mon what do you think of this for a stunning wedding dress?

A real boss cross!

With over 20 years of tattooing experience Lee’s customers at Forever Art Tattoos in Pembroke can always relax and know they are in mighty experienced and hugely capable hands.  An fabulous example is this cross beautiful cross tattoo recently created by Lee.  I am constantly in awe of the detail that Lee can muster in the smallest of areas. I think the intricacy of his work and the fine line detail is pretty spectacular.  What do you think?