Do you sell…

Sometimes you just don’t know what you’re going to be asked for. The studio door opened the other day and in walked an old lady and her dog (yes her DOG) …

“Do you sell hammers?” she enquired.

“No” replied a shocked Lee “and please get that dog out of my tattoo studio!!!”

“Oh sorry” says batty old lady “do you know anywhere around here that does?”

Luckily our customer who had this beautiful Old School, Sailor Jerry rose tattoo, knew what is on offer at Forever Art Tattoo Studio (which never ever sells any hardware whatsoever) in Pembroke!


The Beautiful Melissa …

I popped into the studio with some lunch for Lee and had the pleasure of chatting with a lovely customer who was having this old school style hand tattoo. He had just come back from a fabulous holiday but didn’t make the stupid mistake of having a ‘soon to be regretted’ holiday tattoo. Instead he returned home and sought out Lee for this beautiful hand piece in a style I just adore. What do you think?

Hands Up for Ink ..

Lee has been busy creating some more hand tattoos recently. Sam had pocket watches immortalising the times and dates of birth of his two beautiful children. Mark made poignant end note to his (work in progress) memory sleeve. Both beautiful! Hands up who else
wants some cool ink?

Ain’t nothing but a Hand Dog …

Today Lee created a gorgeous hand tattoo of the beautiful husky malamute cross named Buck. His owner is a previous customer who knew that Lee would do a fabulous job of the dog portrait! We are always very happy to have a very happy customer ❤️

Letting Go…

So … Lee did this very sweet and symbolic tattoo today.  The open hand releasing a flock of birds had very significant and special meaning for the customer. I always love the back story on why a particular tatttoo has been chosen although of course some of our customers just want a damn fine tattoo! 

Another happy customer at Forever Art, Pembroke ❤️

Lee at work …

So … remember our lovely customer with the beautiful pig tattooed on her hand? Well she is a video blogger and has made a second little vlog of Lee working on her.  The first vlog we shared here too and was the one of Lee tattooing the bulldog on her hand.  You can watch that Bulldog hand tattoo  vlog here. ( I just found out the bulldog is called Romeo too … love that … wonder if Romeo has ever come across a Juliet buddy huh?)

Anyway … Do take a look at her Piggy Vlog.  

I love watching Lee at work and I think they are very thoughtful and well constructed little vids of a happy tattoo experience.

Do check them out …


This little piggy … 

Following on from the gorgeous bulldog  hand tattoo that was the very first ink for a new customer at the studio last month, is today’s offering… a gorgeous, realistic piggy on the customer’s other hand.  The customer also added  the lettering ‘Humane’ as she is to dedicated animal rights activist and a vegan who loves pigs. 

I absolutely love how lifelike this pig is and how cute his snout is. 

I am really impressed by the originality of these two hand tattoos.  I think this customer is a girl who really dares to be different and I like that! 

Frankly, I think this tattoo work is just awesome and can’t wait to see what tattoo number 3 will be!