Hearty praise for punky art …

Lee is an old punk and his Brummy punk roots have been the source of inspiration for his art for many years.  We sell prints of his work through the studio and our social media sites, but also have a shop on 'Handmade at Amazon' which helps us reach people who have not yet connected with us.  We have recently sold  a print of his amazing John Lydon acrylic on canvas and received a lovely email message from the bloke who purchased saying "I just want to say thanks for a very speedy delivery and that I am well chuffed with the print.  It's an excellent painting of Mr Rotten".  He went on to ask whether Lee had created any other punk art and this reminded me to update our shop with some more of Lee's great punk pencil drawings. We just love a bit of feedback so sincere thanks to Andy  who took the time to message us and of course we would love to hear what you all think too ?

Icons Galore … 

So … yesterday I was mostly creating little 6×4 greeting cards using Lee’s amazing Icon artwork. Originally the artwork was created for our Tshirts (£13)  but we realised that they are also pretty cool in mounts (£15 for a mounted 10 x 12) or on blank greetings cards (£3).  Each design has been hand drawn by Lee using an iconic image as inspiration, even the fonts on these have been hand drawn. My job is to trace and carefully vinyl cut each images.  I blinking love them … what do you think?


Icons for all …

So … today we have been mostly making Tshirts in our brand new and exciting Icon range. 

Lee has been busy drawing up the images of some really cool icons, that either we came up with ourselves or someone suggested to us. Lee’s images are simply wonderful … seriously I just want them all! 

Once each drawing is complete my task then is to scan them in to my design programme, cut them out,  and for the finishing touch I sew our Trashcan Emporium label onto the sleeve. 

These are Tshirts individually produced with love and care, with unique hand drawn images. None of your mass produced stuff but something pretty special for those who dare to be different. 

Reasonably priced and easy to order. 

We will even create a Bespoke Tshirt with a photo of your choice for just £25. 

What do you think? We make a good team huh?