A right good yarn…

Well … today I can share some of my brand new makes using my hand crafted miniature knitting needles. It all began as I wanted a knitting themed hair slide. I searched online in the usual places to no avail so decided to craft my own. They turned out so gorgeous I soon crafted some brooches to match.

I wore mine today and almost the first person I talked to commented on my beautiful hair slide. I think they are the perfect gift for a yarn lover. With Mother’s Day fast approaching I can gift wrap and post out directly to your lovely mummy enclosing a gift card and your personalised message. Or why not simply treat yourself to one?

£7.50 each plus £3 p&p for something quirky, unique and very different.

Which yarn colour would you choose?

All knitting great and small …

I set myself a bit of a challenge this weekend. I have lots of huge knitting needles – 35mm, 25mm, 20mm and 15mm but no teeny ones. It all began because of my desire to have miniature knitting needles that I could make into hair slides (if they turn out ok then that will be the next post I guess!). However as I could not find any teeny needles to purchase online I decided to make some of my own using dowel. Then I wondered if I could actually knit with anything even smaller and of course the challenge was really set! Check out my miniature knitting using needles made out of cocktail sticks and also match sticks. Oh and yes I can actually knit with them all!! Click On the video to see my demonstration! ❤️

Transformers … cardies in disguise …

I recently acquired two men’s V-neck pullovers, one in grey and one in green. Now, given The Husband is more likely to flick a V than pick a V, I wasn’t quite sure what todo with them both. After a bit of a ponder, I got out the scissors and with a slice up the middle, a crop of the sleeves and a slash of the waist, a quick overlock on the sewing machine a few rows of crochet and a bit of creative knitting, these totally cute little cardies were created.

A proper transformation huh? Which is your favourite … the cherries or the daisies?

One ball wonder!

Shopping in Aldi is a real dilemma for a yarn lover because they always have such lovely wool on offer. Their beautiful yarn in store makes me think guiltily of my yarn stash which is so huge that I would have to knit for a decade (without putting my needles down) to even make a woolly dent in it! However, I simply couldn’t walk away from this stunning chunky purple yarn but as I restricted myself to just one ball the dilemma this time was what to knit! ! Luckily I chanced upon this free ‘Artisan Capelet’ pattern at RedHeart.com but made a few little personal tweaks by adding a crochet picot edging and a huge vintage button. I now have a beautiful, one ball wonder 💜

What do you think?

Aldi is a p

Knit Fast – Die Warm ❤️

So … this is what happens when you pop off to the shops and leave your artist husband alone with the key to your Thread Shed …

Tattoo Kitchen …

Our kitchen was in desperate need of a revamp. When we moved in to the bungalow the solid oak units were painted cream and we did brighten the walls up with a splash of orange but it was always a little boring for us. A little spark of an idea for the up-cycle project came when the lovely Jo gifted us a pack of 4 tattoo style ceramic door knobs by ‘Temerity Jones’ and said “I saw these and thought of you two!” From those four door knobs has sprung a whole tattoo themed kitchen. We sourced more ‘Temerity Jones’ ceramic knobs and alternated the hearts and swallows throughout the kitchen with 27 new door knobs in total. The cream wooden kitchen units were painted in eggshell ‘Retro Chic” by Valspar and we were so happy to find some completely awesome tattoo and knitting themed wallpaper (I know just perfect huh?) to decoupage the centre panels from ‘Spoonflower.com’. The wallpaper has brilliant messages such as ‘Knit Fast Die Warm’ and ‘Born to Knit’ emblazoned over it which I just adore. A couple of coats of varnish later and our boring cream kitchen is totally transformed into a tattoo inspired bright retro kitchen!

What do you think?