Gene Genius …

It seems beautifully apt that The Mister has been working on a Bowie project this week, as it’s been exactly 5 years since the iconic David Bowie became a star man waiting in the sky. The last few nights we have so enjoyed viewing some of the Bowie tributes on the television. The music of the beautiful, creative, talented Bowie has simply always been there in the background of my life. So… how mighty perfect is it that The Mister decided to paint Bowie onto the back panel of my little, black, zippy, leather, biker jacket? I love it!

Bowie … you really made the grade and we hope you are a sitting in a tin can far above the world or doing a cosmic jive somewhere. You really were a (Jean) Genius ♥️

Bowie portrait on black leather jacket

Faith, Hope and Charity…

A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to witness a little miracle when, for the first time in living memory, a seal pup was born on Freshwater East beach.

Given that Freshwater East beach is a doggy heaven, the villagers, beautifully organised by our resident nature expert, sprang into action. On a carefully managed rota we each took daily slots as “Seal Guardians” keeping visitors and dogs at a safe distance from Hope and her mum. The Welsh Marine Life Rescue charity also ensured workers and volunteers were on duty, all day and every day, during these important first weeks.

Initially, seal mums are wonderfully nurturing and devote all their time to fattening up their pup in order to prepare them for complete independence by (astonishingly) just three weeks old. Mum’s milk is full of healthy fats and seal pups can put on up to 4lb a day while under her care. However, if Mum gets spooked by people or animals she is very likely to abandon her pup too early to ensure its survival.

The female seal pup was named ‘Hope’ and her progress became the focus of village attention. We enjoyed our very own Seal Opera and breathed huge sighs of relief each time that Mum returned to the beach after taking her daily exercise and bath in the sea. Unfortunately, the three weeks to independence under Mum’s care could easily turn into three months under human care if the pup needed to be rescued and moved to a sanctuary. No amount of human feeding would ever be able to prepare Hope as well as Mum’s milk. A randy Bull seal visiting the bay and calling out to Mum to join him for some seal nookie also added to the drama.

However, Hope grew and hope grew, and at 2 1/2 weeks old the pup had fully moulted and was chubby enough for complete independence. As predicted, off Mum went, never to see her pup again. That first night Hope’s cries for mum were heart breaking but over the next few days Hope was seen happily playing in the shallows. Then, one day, she was gone … healthy, safe and free to enjoy her adeventures.

This pencil drawing, drawn so beautifully by The Husband, and taken from a photograph of ‘Hope’ by village photographer Rebecca Morris, beautifully captures Freshwater East’s quite heart warming little miracle.

As always … prints are available and we also have special edition commemorative mugs for sale.

Just drop us a message to order…

The first seal pup born (in living memory) on Freshwater East beach, November 2020
Hope playing in the shallows during her first days of independence.

A Bird in the Hand

Over lockdown I became so obsessed with the Blue Tits nesting in the little pink bird box attached to The ThreadShed. I listened to lots of scratchy, scuffling noises whilst I sewed, and watched with utter joy as the parent birds flew in and out of the nest box daily. Then, one day, the activity was over and my garden was being visited by the cutest baby Blue Tits.

Our patio doors were open and one sunny morning this little guy flew in to our front room. In his desperation to get back out the poor birds flew into the window and knocked himself out. The Husband gently picked him up and took him back outside, placing him carefully on the patio table. Happily baby Blue Tit was soon was strong enough to fly back off with his brother and sisters.

To capture that very special lockdown moment The Husband created this gorgeous drawing using coloured pencils and acrylics. You can purchase a print from our Online Shop or if you are local why not get on down to the arty Dial Inn in Lamphey which has some prints for sale.

Never mind a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush … to us that bird in the hand was priceless!

Bird in the Hand – by Lee ‘Trashcan’ Minton

Brave New World …

Well it’s the end of an era at Forever Art Tattoos Pembroke and the start of a new one at Trashcan Tattoos, Freshwater East …

Today we knocked down the colourful partition wall at the old studio and said goodbye to Foreverart for forevermore!

So for all our lovely customers here is your final glimpse of the mural wall at the old studio before it quite literally bites the dust!

Our Sunshine ☀️

Becoming lockdown, first time grandparents has been such a ray of sunshine in these crazy times. Our little George has melted our hearts and really warmed our cockles. He is a happy, smiley, alert, expressive, bonny, gorgeous little boy. Sleeping all through the night and so contented, loved and adored by his doting Mammy and Daddy. Lucky lucky little boy❤️

What better birthday present for Granny Kazzy than a stunning pencil drawing by Grandad Trash. Capturing so beautifully the many faces of gorgeous Georgie boy.

Pencil drawing capturing some of the many expressions of Gorgeous George
The many faces of George


Today… 27th July 2020 … tattoo artists are back in business and amongst the last profession to get back up and running after lockdown. In order that we can be flexible, responsive and ensure a clean, safe, healthy environment we have closed our open access studio on Main Street, Pembroke where we had created ace tattoos for over 12 years, and have now opened a licensed garden studio in stunning Freshwater East. The studio has the new name of “Trashcan Tattoos” but the same old Brummy Punk Artist and Tattoo Artist, with 25+ years experience, with the ink and gun. The new studio has incorporated all the advice and guidance issued by the Tattoo and Piercing Union and is strictly appointment only with no waiting or walk-ins allowed.

We are ready to welcome back our loyal regulars as well as meeting new customers looking for some ace ink. To book an appointment just message us on social media or drop us an email on

To celebrate our rebranding we have some great new studio Tees available … just ask at your appointment.

Here is the man himself … totally branded!

Trashcan Tattoos – Lee Trashcan MINTON
Trashcan Tattoos – Truckers Cap
Trashcan Tattoos – new Tees

Daddy’s Girl…

You know how a Father’s love and pride for his daughter just shines out right? Well … just look at this beautiful pencil drawing, commissioned recently…

The drawing was commissioned by a caring brother for his adored sister. The siblings have a strong and special bond and very sadly lost their beloved father just weeks ago. This beautiful pencil drawing needs few words, because the emotion captured in pencil, as Dad looks at his daughter on her wedding day, is quite simply just stunning.

‘Daddy’s Girl’ commissioned pencil drawing

Lockdown Birthday Tee

I’m pretty sure that buying a perfect birthday gift during lockdown can be a bit of a dilemma. However two clever mummies recently gifted their sons one of Trashcan Emporium’s cool lockdown Tees. One mummy picked one of Lee’s original skull images and added the lockdown location, name and age for her son and another mummy chose a “Corona Virus” Tee with their lockdown location for her son. Their boys have a pretty unique reminder of this crazy time and their lockdown birthday celebrations.

Thanks to both lovely ladies for supporting our little business in these tough times and a big happy, 17th and 11th, lockdown birthday to these blinkin’ gorgeous boys!

Lockdown birthday personalised Tees

Ticket on a Tee…

Creative ideas are us. We are always thinking of new things to encourage purchases from our little ‘arty farty’ business. We also love it when we get given some awesome ideas from others too.

A runner up in our recent music quiz based in the 30 Day Music Challenge came up with a stormer of an idea (or actually his wife did). He was offered a design of his own choice sublimated onto our gorgeous poly-cotton Tees and chose to have a the treasured ticket from one of his top music gigs as the design.

Why put your treasured gig tickets in a drawer when you can put them on your TShirt?

‘Ticket on a Tee’ is a service available right now!

Which gig ticket would you love on your TShirt?

“Ticket on a Tee’
Stray Cats – Ticket on a Tee

The Ultimate Selfie

All the famous artists have a self-portrait. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Monet to name but a few. Well now let’s add Minton to that list.

I’d been saying to The Husband for ages that he should paint a self portrait. So he did. Love it so much especially the way his beautiful blue eyes contrast against the dark shades of his face.

I know I love the man so of course think this is pretty special but what do you think?