Thread Shed open for business …

So it was the official launch of my glorious pink Thread Shed at the weekend. Friends and neighbours joined us for a Prosecco celebration as I cut the red ribbon and opened the door to my colourful creative workshop. From the Thread Shed there will be lots of sewing, knitting, creating and chatting, preferably over a coffee but possibly even a over a Prosecco or two!

Carpe Filum I say … (Seize the Thread)


Very Cherry 🍒

Knitting machines are just so much damn fun! So far everything I have created has been on a standard gauge machine and I have been building myself up to learning how to use my chunky machine. I finally played with it last weekend and in no time at all created this cute little vest top right out of my head. I used a swatch, a bit of maths, a couple of rows of crochet and a hand knitted cherry appliqué. I blinkin’ love it and think it looks pretty good with my cherry necklace! Ooooooh and a very kind lady has just gifted me a third knitting machine … creations, creations, creations….

Natty Knitter …

I am so goddamn happy. Between the snow and a couple of days annual leave I have enjoyed spending quality time in my craft room cosied up with my knitting machine. So, Lee gave me a photo of a jumper he really liked and asked me could I knit one similar. So without a pattern, but with a swatch, a tape measure and a bit of maths I recreated the exact same jumper for him. I am blinkin’ chuffed … it fits him perfectly (great maths by me) and he absolutely loves it! ❤️

Sweary Bobble Hats …

Honestly our sweary bobble hats are so blinkin’ popular … have added a different sweary bobble hat in red and cream! Are you a F**K Off kinda person or a F**K YA! sorta person?

Baby I Love You

Valentine is an excuse for us to be arty farty! My gift from Lee was this beautiful “Baby I Love You” drawing. The message is pretty special as it is a reference to the song by The Ramones and the tune for our first dance at our wedding. My card to Lee is a heart made out of one of my early swatches made on the machine knitting. Oh and I really do love him more than knitting!!!

Happy Valentines Day ❤️

Sweary Bobble Hat …

Very happy to have spent this weekend learning more about my knitting machine. Spent yesterday at a brilliant one day workshop learning all sorts of new things. Spent today fine-tuning my sweary bobble hat skills! Soooooooo blinkin’ happy how this one turned out … what do you think?

Hats All Folks …

Learning the knitting machine has been so so tough. I knit, I sew, I embroider and I crochet, and I do them all with confidence. However, learning how to use a knitting machine is a whole new league for me. I’ve made it my challenge to master the machine in 2018. With stripping, oiling and much perseverance I have my Silver Reed standard gauge singing beautifully. I am mighty proud of these beanies I machine knit over the weekend. The flower design was using one of the punch cards that came with the machine, but the other two are my first attempts at creating my own designs. Lee is very happy with the secret message written into the blue one. They are not wholly perfect but it was good learning and everyone starts somewhere right?