Etch a Sketch …

In the middle of lockdown arty fartyness The Husband has some fun with a glass etching set that was my very cool Xmas pressie off Little Sister.

My plan was to cut some vinyl stencils for the etching but of course The Husband, being an artist, had way better ideas. He freehanded this traditional tattoo style anchor and waves onto a glass pane which separates our back porch from the dining room.

And to think I was going to hang a curtain there huh?

Tattoo Style Glass Etching

Angry Eagles…

Stranded in Pembroke, knee deep in snow, and unable to open the studio meant just one thing … time to paint!

This pair of angry eagles, inspired by a Sailor Jerry old school tattoo design, is the result of those snow bound few days!

As always canvas prints are available to order … oh and don’t forget if there is something special that YOU would like in a pencil drawing or on a canvas we can help … partner, kids, pet, home , cars … anything really … we can even customise your doc marten boots or old leather jacket … for a quote just message us your ideas, or pop into the studio for a chat with Lee!

Shake The Death …

We had a quiet few days at the studio after three no shows three days running. The first customer let us know 20 minutes after the appointment was due to start, the second customer let us know the evening before (with a very genuine reason and a respectful offer to still pay for her appointment) and the third just didn’t bother to show. Of course this means it’s usually too late to rebook anyone else in so Lee loses a days wage and all the hard work he puts into preparing beautiful tattoos for our customer is often wasted. It really makes me GRRRRRRRRRRR!

Of course most of our customers do value and respect Lee and his beautifully creative work, and are always mighty pleased with the end result. Lee absolutely loved creating this old school coffin tattoo which declares “shake the death from your bones.”

What do you think?

The Beautiful Melissa …

I popped into the studio with some lunch for Lee and had the pleasure of chatting with a lovely customer who was having this old school style hand tattoo. He had just come back from a fabulous holiday but didn’t make the stupid mistake of having a ‘soon to be regretted’ holiday tattoo. Instead he returned home and sought out Lee for this beautiful hand piece in a style I just adore. What do you think?