How to measure life…

Sometimes as you tumble your way through the ups and downs of life you meet someone who soon becomes embedded in your heart. Someone who makes you smile and laugh, but also makes you ponder and think. Someone with kindness in their heart, adventure in their spirit and music in their soul. Someone with intelligence, wit and humour, and the wisdom to change the way you think about life and death forever. Well, that was John, godfather to two of my children, Great Uncle to them all, and a dear friend (and a sort of borrowed uncle) to me.

When my little girl died at 22 months old everyone said her life was too short and expressed great sadness at the little time she had lived. However, John, her wise godfather, said words to me that helped me the most and that changed my perspective on life and death forever …

He told me that a persons life is their life … whether it’s 22 months, 22 years or 92 years. Why do we measure a persons life in years when we should be measuring that persons life in happiness and love.

Yesterday we said such a sad goodbye to John and I watched his brave, beautiful widow, another of my very favourite people, carry her memories with pride, dignity and love shining all around her. Every one of us present knew that John’s life was a life well lived and a life well loved. What greater life can any man achieve?

For John … always in my heart 💔

Pencil drawing by Lee ‘Trashcan’ Minton

Memory heart by Trashcan Emporium

Stunning Skies by Mother Nature ❤️

Puppy Love …

Lee recently completed this stunning pencil drawing of the gorgeous Oscar. The drawing was commissioned as a very special birthday present for Oscar’s lucky lady owner by her wise husband. She absolutely loves the drawing and he has banked a years worth of ‘brownie points’ for the thoughtful gift. He sent Lee a selection of photos and if you look carefully and zoom in on Oscar’s left eye you will see the outline of the photographer reflected there and reproduced in fine detail by Lee and his clever pencil.

If you are thinking of a pencil drawing commission for someone special this Xmas then get in touch but do remember that Lee will need plenty of notice as these are many hours of patient work!

That’s Amore

I am very lucky to have an talented artist for my husband. Truly, I have never ever felt so valued and appreciated. Of course, when you are adored by an artist, you will become a muse for his creativity. I feel very lucky to have been the subject of Lee’s inspiration many times over. He has drawn and painted me so often that I am sure we could stage a whole exhibition called “The Artist loves his Wife.” It is very strange to see yourself through an artists eyes and when you look at the art it can be hard to believe that’s how someone sees you. I feel exactly that way about this stunning drawing that Lee created whilst we were in Rome a few years ago. ❤️

Hand in hand for always…

My brave and beautiful mother lost her fight against cancer this week. With her pin-up girl looks,  stunning figure, and her glamour and style, it is little wonder that my father has loved her since they were both just 17.  Towards the end of my mother’s illness my father spent many hours sitting at her bedside, talking with her and tenderly holding her hand. 

My sensitive, thoughtful, caring husband Lee has captured this immense love between my parents with this simply  beautiful and extremely touching  pencil drawing.

For my mother Janice … loved and adored by the same man for 61 years  ❤️

A Xmas Gift 

I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing, festive break away from the humdrum. 

I love being married to an artist … I get the most beautiful original presents from my new husband. 

This Xmas I had a beautiful pencil drawing of love and togetherness, and a bright, colourful acrylic of a blue eyed, red-haired gal ❤️
I love them both so much …