Lockdown Birthday Tee

I’m pretty sure that buying a perfect birthday gift during lockdown can be a bit of a dilemma. However two clever mummies recently gifted their sons one of Trashcan Emporium’s cool lockdown Tees. One mummy picked one of Lee’s original skull images and added the lockdown location, name and age for her son and another mummy chose a “Corona Virus” Tee with their lockdown location for her son. Their boys have a pretty unique reminder of this crazy time and their lockdown birthday celebrations.

Thanks to both lovely ladies for supporting our little business in these tough times and a big happy, 17th and 11th, lockdown birthday to these blinkin’ gorgeous boys!

Lockdown birthday personalised Tees

If you’ve done it flaunt it…

Here at Trashcan Emporium we can customise and personalise most things and so when Sister bought a new bike box, for transporting her bike around to her triathlon challenges, she brought it straight to us. With two full Ironman events and another two half Ironman events under her triathlon belt, that girl needed to flaunt those awesome achievements. I think the personalised bike box does that perfectly. Well done Sister you are one tough, ballsy Ironman ❤️