A feather in my cap…

I blinkin’ love weddings I really do! I’m so happy to have found the perfect dress to wear to a wedding I’m going to this week and I am excited to wear it for the first time. However it’s the little finishing touches that I have such fun with and so I made this teeny little fascinator hair slide to exactly match my fabulous new (to me) true vintage dress. I think that the fascinator is a proper feather in my cap don’t you?


Transformers … cardies in disguise …

I recently acquired two men’s V-neck pullovers, one in grey and one in green. Now, given The Husband is more likely to flick a V than pick a V, I wasn’t quite sure what todo with them both. After a bit of a ponder, I got out the scissors and with a slice up the middle, a crop of the sleeves and a slash of the waist, a quick overlock on the sewing machine a few rows of crochet and a bit of creative knitting, these totally cute little cardies were created.

A proper transformation huh? Which is your favourite … the cherries or the daisies?

Tickled by Feathers…

Every so often I get gifted things to get all ‘arty farty’ with. Yesterday I was so excited when my lovely neighbour popped over to tell me that she had got her dad’s old trunk out of the attic and did I want to take a look. Of course I was gazing adoringly into the trunk practically before she had even finished her sentence, as it was absolutely filled to the brim with beautiful feathers, sparkly trims and chenille wools, and I really mean filled to the brim.

It transpired that my neighbour’s dad had been a passionate fisherman and the colourful contents of the trunk had been used for making his own flies and lures. I saw some examples of his work and they were an art form in their own right.

I had a glorious afternoon playing with the feathers and trims. I added in some of my vintage buttons and ric-rac, and I used my vintage daisy wheel to make flowers with the chenille. I am absolutely chuffed to bits with my first creations – two gorgeous, rockabilly fascinators.

So here’s to the proud and creative fisherman Lewis John Jenkins. I really hope that he is fishing at the end of the horizon somewhere stunning and smiling happily over his life’s collection being used in a very different ‘arty farty’ kinda way. ❤️

Knitting for All Illustrated

A kind friend gifted me a wonderful and much loved knitting book, inherited after the sad death of an elderly aunt. The book is undated but Mrs Google believes it was printed back in the 1940s or 1950s. The knitting patterns are simply wondrous with photos of each gorgeous pattern accompanying the simple to read instructions. I was so excited to start knitting from the book. There is everything knitted from stockings and bras for ladies, to some mad hats, to a “fashionable” housecoat. . After a delightful nostalgic ponder I decided to start with this Two Colour Turban, using old money size 10 pins previously used by my knit-loving mam, (who needs 3.25 metric pins huh) but I’m really having a little giggle to myself thinking that maybe my next knitting project from the book should be this vest and pants set for The Husband ❤️

A Classy Chassis…

I enjoyed a play day in my craft room yesterday. It was a damp, miserable day outside but a warm, smiley one in my craft room. I painted, sewed, embroidered and glued all day … sheer creative bliss!

I am absolutely loving the Classy Chassis of this cute tattoo themed box bag, which had a prospective buyer practically before the glue had dried.

Ahhhhhhh … a hot glue gun and a posh embroidery machine … blinkin’ perfect!

My Grandmother’s Sewing Patterns…

So … my sister recently gifted me all my grandmother’s vintage sewing patterns which had been stashed up her attic many, many years ago. As my grandmother was a professional dressmaker it is a hoard of fabulousness now stored in an old vintage suitcase.

Most of the vintage patterns are in teeny, tiny sizes and so first I needed to learn how to grade a pattern to my modern day size 16 (probably a size 20 back in granny’s day). So … I picked one gorgeous dress and set about slashing up the pattern to my size. I simply love that my grandmother made up this pattern decades before me.

Behold Simplicity Miss Pattern 3464 … my first attempt at grading a true vintage pattern … a tartan wiggle dress (with matching shoe and hair bows by me). ❤️

Bathing Belle…

I had a gorgeous, retro, flowery swim cap as a birthday present off my lovely sister. Blinkin' love it so much! I snapped a fun selfie to show Sister and Lee how perfectly perfect for me it is. Lee decided it would make a great drawing too! So I am now immortalised forever as a Bathing Belle. I just love being married to my talented artist ❤️