Time moves in one direction …

I popped in the studio on Saturday to see what Lee was up to. He was in the middle of creating this beautiful time and memory piece for our lovely customers. The young man showed me a lion that Lee had previously inked on him, and we looked back on this blog to see when it had been done. That had been back in July 2016. Time really does shift along doesn’t it?

Do love this ink though and especially the little touch of blue …


21 Today!

The lovely barman from our local was gifted a 21st birthday present from his mum that will last him his whole life. It was his very first tattoo of course! He sat like a proper trooper and now has a beautiful tattoo with a little nod to his mum included. Happy 21st Birthday Liam!

Hands Up for Ink ..

Lee has been busy creating some more hand tattoos recently. Sam had pocket watches immortalising the times and dates of birth of his two beautiful children. Mark made poignant end note to his (work in progress) memory sleeve. Both beautiful! Hands up who else
wants some cool ink?