The Ultimate Selfie

All the famous artists have a self-portrait. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Gaugin, Monet to name but a few. Well now let’s add Minton to that list.

I’d been saying to The Husband for ages that he should paint a self portrait. So he did. Love it so much especially the way his beautiful blue eyes contrast against the dark shades of his face.

I know I love the man so of course think this is pretty special but what do you think?

Self starter …

I am most definitely a painted lady. Lee has painted and drawn me (and on me) many times which is always such a beautiful compliment. He has also painted us together. However, I really wanted Lee to paint a self portrait and recently suggested this. I am always in complete awe of The Husbands talent but looking at the start of his piece, just roughly mapped out in pencil and ink just dropped my jaw. Truly I am blown away and I can’t wait to watch the painting progress and grow. So damn talented ❤️

Start of a self portrait roughly mapped out in pencil and paint.

The Man I Love…

So my artist husband decided to pen a self portrait.

“Can you see the resemblance?” He asked me.

Errrr … yeah … I actually can … ❤️