Pencil not stencil…

Customers usually bring Lee a photo of their tattoo request. Lee diligently reproduces their request just beautifully and the customer walks away happy that their requirement has been well met.  However, some of Lee’s regulars totally trust him to have absolute free reign. This is exactly what happened with one of our long standing customers who told Lee he wanted a skull and rose. Lee just drew it on to him free-hand. Great results for that extra trust in your artist ❤️

Wedding Band Skull

Lee tattooed this awesome little skull on the wedding finger of a  long standing customer yesterday. For something so small the detail is amazing.   I had popped in to the studio to take Lee a fresh “Pan au Chocolate” for his breakfast (my husband is mighty spoilt) and the lovely, newly wedded  customer told me he would never go to any other tattooist EVER!  Obviously a man who appreciates a great tattoo and a great tattoo artist! 

Pipe smoking skull … 

So Lee just finished this great tattoo … a beardy skull smoking a pipe … absolutely love this! 

Another happy customer and creatively happy artist! 

Bliss of a kiss … 

Lee recently created this stunning tattoo which to me represents absolute and true love.  I can only see total beauty and absolute bliss in this kiss.

I think it’s just wonderful that the customer wearing this beautiful piece of art has today made an enquiry about having the single red rose that Lee created yesterday with his watercolour pencils.  That rose will be another totally unique and special tattoo for this customer.