Dying Romantic …

Lee recently completed this amazing tattoo on one of our regular customers.  The customer is also an artist currently creating some wonderful pottery work, and Lee always enjoys their  arty farty chats whilst he works. The customer drew up this beautiful design himself and Lee brought it to life on the skin. 

What do you think?

Pencil not stencil…

Customers usually bring Lee a photo of their tattoo request. Lee diligently reproduces their request just beautifully and the customer walks away happy that their requirement has been well met.  However, some of Lee’s regulars totally trust him to have absolute free reign. This is exactly what happened with one of our long standing customers who told Lee he wanted a skull and rose. Lee just drew it on to him free-hand. Great results for that extra trust in your artist ❤️

A proper upgrade …

A lovely customer came in wanting something wonderful done to a tattoo started by another artist. Quite often Lee will prefer not to do this as his  creativity is constrained by the previous work but on the flip side he just loves an artistic challenge!

 I think he did a fabulous upgrade on this one and we had a very happy customer at Foreverart Pembroke ❤️

Arty farty briefcases … 

Here are two stunning vintage leather briefcases hand-painted and of course signed by Lee.  They are both in excellent condition and Lee’s artwork is just simply wonderful (as always) 

Why just hang your original artwork on a wall? Dare to be different …

£100 each ❤️

Twit Twoo and a skull too! 

Lee created this pretty spectacular owl tattoo with a skull enfolded within. It’s a very detailed and interesting design which Lee really enjoyed doing, and the customer was good company too! Always a bonus! 

What do you think? 

Skull and the Sands of Time Tattoo

Lee did this fabulous tattoo today on a regular customer.  The customer was very happy with the finished tattoo. 

We were walking on the beach when the customer messaged Lee for the photo. Lee pinged it over and the customer posted it onto Facebook.  A little later Lee was chuckling away to himself. Underneath the Facebook post were lots and lots of compliments for the work and then a comment from someone with the same surname as our customer. It just said “Oh My God!”  Underneath our customer replied “Don’t start Grandad”

Lee had a right chuckle over the cute exchange!

Vintage Denim Skull 

So … Lee and I are just back from a long weekend in Vegas and are both happy to be back in the peace and tranquility of Pembroke (damn those slots are noisy).  

Got back to another sale of one of our unique vintage pieces … we sold this cute denim jacket blinged up with skull, bows and buttons. Lee designed the skull and I brought it all to life … what a team huh?