Handy Skull …

Now as you know Lee is an old punk and his style and taste lean well away from the mainstream. So he just loves a day when he is able to create a tattoo that meets his full approval of cool. He absolutely loved creating this very unique and totally different hand skull tattoo … what do you think?


Dying Romantic …

Lee recently completed this amazing tattoo on one of our regular customers.  The customer is also an artist currently creating some wonderful pottery work, and Lee always enjoys their  arty farty chats whilst he works. The customer drew up this beautiful design himself and Lee brought it to life on the skin. 

What do you think?

Business Skull … 

This is the fab briefcase that Lee has just finished. Beautiful vintage  leather briefcase hand-painted to be another totally unique bag from Trashcan Emporium. We absolutely guarantee that there is no other bag the same anywhere! 

I would sooooo love to keep this but we are putting it on the market for £100.  However I will probably cry when it’s sold. It’s absolutely   blinking awesome ❤️

Skulls and Roses … 

Lee has just created this fabulous calf piece yesterday on one of our regulars. It is a beautiful piece which compliments the calf piece Lee already created on the customers other leg. 

The customer is hoping to turn both pieces into ‘socks’ eventually but in the meantime I think these are damn gorgeous tattoos!  

Great work “Trash” 😄❤️

Skulls, skulls and more skulls…

Lee is so blinking talented … I really am in awe of his creativity. A while ago he started to create some skull drawings with just a mere Bic Biro. The end results are completely astonishing.

Our end goal is to put all his wonderful skull pen drawings  together into a coffee table book. It will certainly be something a little different huh? 

We have available to purchase 100 limited edition prints of each drawing. If you would like to purchase one they are £50 each for a 12 X 12 inch canvas or £20 for a high quality print that you can frame yourself.  

There will be strictly 100 available of each and if there is a particular print number you would like then just let us know! 

Magnetic charms …

Lee has been busily making some cool stuff with Das clay … I sourced him some cool tattoo inspired cookie cutters and we love the results so far. We are going to paint them and make some cool fridge magnets … I think they are soooooo cool!