Bags & bags of bags … 

So … Lee has been busy painting on some of our growing collection of vintage handbags.   

These two gorgeous brown vintage bags now have beautiful tattoo style swallows painted on them.

The large brown one (£25) has a lovely sateen lining and the smaller brown (£20) has a gorgeous leather lining. The interior of both bags is in absolutely pristine condition. Given that the bags originate from decades ago they are in pretty amazing condition. There is some fading on the smaller one but it’s still just a wonderful bag. The inner label on it states ‘Debenham and Freebody’ and the Freebody was dropped in the 1970s so  it’s definitely from  before that date. The larger bag is labelled ‘G London England’ and the only online reference online I can find dates this bag to about 1940. 

I adore vintage bags and love how they become even more special with our arty fartyness ❤️

What do you think? 


Magnetic charms …

Lee has been busily making some cool stuff with Das clay … I sourced him some cool tattoo inspired cookie cutters and we love the results so far. We are going to paint them and make some cool fridge magnets … I think they are soooooo cool! 

Vintage bag art 

Our Angelus acrylic paint for leather had just arrived. We ordered from Germany at a really reasonable price.  I have sourced some proper vintage leather bags which are so beautiful and Lee is going to be painting some vintage inspired art on them … Maybe some big red roses or some flying hearts or swallows … Thing is will I part with them after they are finished?