Happy Pet T-Shirt Day!

I recently had a fabulous morning with a couple of bright sparks visiting the ThreadShed. A young holidaymaker and his cousin came to an ‘arty farty’ design your own T-shirt workshop. They both had a head full of creative ideas and designed some gorgeous T-shirts around their much adored pets – so Copper the pony and puppies Daisy and Libby are now emblazoned on some colourful and unique personalised T-shirts being worn by some very happy, smiley, creative kids!

Oh and if you want happy smiley creative kids too then book them in at The ThreadShed Fresh East where they can choose from a huge choice of creative experiences.


Probably the best beach in the world …

Over the holiday period our Freshwater East T-shirts have been snapped up by lots of people to give to friends and relatives as gifts. We know for sure that some ended up in Australia and Hawaii but we also know some have just gone on a little holiday.

Here is one happy T-Shirt currently on holiday in Malaga.

We love to see our creations all around the world so do send us your pics … and we really do think that Freshwater East is probably the best beach in the world ❤️

Cool Collaboration…

Here at Trashcan Emporium we just love a happy collaboration. Quite often people have some wonderful ideas which we can tweak a little to bring their ideas alive. A young entrepreneurial friend of ours is designing an alternative T-shirt brand called Asbo Clothing. He approached us with a rudimentary sketch of an image he wanted for his range. Lee got creating and we think the result of this collaboration is pretty cool.

Big shout out to Conski and wishing you good luck with your new venture!

I ❤️ Fresh…

You must have seen those souvenir T-Shirts … you know the ones… ‘I ❤️ NY’, ‘I ❤️ Berlin’, ‘I ❤️ Barcelona’ etc? Well, a lovely young man we know has just started his own little convenience store in The Longhouse beach bar at Freshwater East. We just love small business and we also love Freshwater East, and so Lee has designed a really cool souvenir T-Shirt just for the shop. The unique ‘I ❤️ Fresh’ tee is available in both adult and child sizes and you can buy yours ONLY in Jack’s little shop.

Time for TShirts… 

We have been wanting to try our hand at designing Tshirts for some time.  I finally purchased some heat-transfer vinyl and Lee has done a couple of cool designs. 

He started with a Johnny Cash because he is our favourite, and Lee also created a Hendrix design. 

Lee can see all the images perfectly clearly but my brain can’t see the white Cash on the black Tshirt, or the black Hendrix on the white Tshirt. I’m really interested in what you all can see? 

Of course are just our prototypes. We are going to do a bit of design tweaking and a wash/wear test, and then will be producing some ready to sell. The price is likely to be a very reasonable £13, and for a unique Trashcan Emporium design I think that’s pretty bargainous! 

We need to decide who else belongs in our Icon range and so are running a free competition to help us decide. 

To enter … just share our post then comment/tweet your Icon suggestion.  If your Icon is chosen by us to go into the design stage then your name goes in the hat, and on 31st October the first name out will win a unique Trashcan Emporium Tshirt emblazoned with their Icon suggestion. 

Do tell us your ideas …