Teeny tiny Tiger …

Lee created a beautifully detailed tiger on John’s finger yesterday. I was in awe of how stunning it is despite being so small. John also had some pretty cool lettering on his knuckles. Lee definitely was definitely skilled enough to “Stay True” to the ultra fine detail of this grrrrrrrreat tiger tattoo.

Birds at sweet 16

Lee has been drawing and painting his whole life. We recently came across these beautifully drawn and very detailed birds painted in water colours thirty five years ago when Lee was just 16 years of age. They were created as gifts for his parents, with the Redwing for his mother and the Mistle Thrush for his father. Art to be cherished ❤️

Bathing Belle…

I had a gorgeous, retro, flowery swim cap as a birthday present off my lovely sister. Blinkin' love it so much! I snapped a fun selfie to show Sister and Lee how perfectly perfect for me it is. Lee decided it would make a great drawing too! So I am now immortalised forever as a Bathing Belle. I just love being married to my talented artist ❤️

Love Always …

Special days are hard when you are newly bereaved. My birthday this week was so tough. How can you have a birthday without thinking of your mother? I did find some level of peace and tranquility walking the beautiful island of Skomer, but it was still a sad and emotional day. However, a ray of love eventually shone through with this beautiful birthday gift from Lee. Stunningly beautiful. His art captures moments I need to remember and help me to accept that life goes on and love goes on … always. ❤️

Hands Up for Ink ..

Lee has been busy creating some more hand tattoos recently. Sam had pocket watches immortalising the times and dates of birth of his two beautiful children. Mark made poignant end note to his (work in progress) memory sleeve. Both beautiful! Hands up who else
wants some cool ink?

A Blinkin’ Top Swap…

Our postman Joe showed Lee a picture of a really cool Jack Daniels guitar that he had made from recycled wood. Lee, despite not being able to play the guitar, fell in love with it. Luckily Joe was also looking for some new tattoos and the creative pair struck up a swap deal. We now own the beautiful Jack Daniels guitar from 'Boxed Blues' (who also make stomp boxes) and Joe has some amazing new ink from 'Foreverart Tattoos'. Just love this reciprocity … I call it Pembrokeshire currency! Next swap hopefully a cool stomp box!
(Oh and if there is a builder looking for some amazing ink I want a little porthole installed in our bedroom wall 😄)

Sweet swallow of love …

Way back in the late 1950’s my dad had tattoo of an old school swallow carrying a scroll of my mum’s name. Many many years later on a Turkish holiday he asked a local ‘artist’ to tidy it up. The ‘artist’ messed up what was once a beautiful poignant tattoo and my dad was keen for Lee to try and rework it.  However my dad takes Warfarin daily which means that he cannot have a tattoo.  Dad was disappointed and so Lee drew this sweet little rendition of the tattoo he would have liked to have created for my dad and we gave him the framed drawing as a gift. 

Tattoo art can bring also bring pleasure when it’s in a frame huh?