Hapus Dydd Santes Dwynwen ❤️

Monday 25th January 2021 is the day for Welsh lovers. St Dwynwen was a Welsh princess who lived in the Brecon Beacons in the 5th century. She had 23 sisters but it was St Dwynwen who was the most beautiful. Her father, the King, tried to arrange a marriage for St Dwynwen , but she already loved another and so ran away into the forest to escape the wedding. In the forest she prayed that the hopes and dreams of all future lovers should be fulfilled and so the beautiful St Dwynwen is now remembered as the Patron Saint of Love in Cymru … how cute is that!

Sooo … to help along the hopes and dreams of all you beautiful lovers in 2021 how about an ‘arty farty’ mounted print of the two of you?

Just email us a photo of your choice and we will make a few magical changes and create your own original “arty farty” print. You can pick your favourite and we will mount it, gift wrap it and post it out to you (or your true love) with a sweet, handwritten, little love poem, all for quite loveable prices – A4 print £20, A3 print £30 or A2 print £40.

Oh and thank you St Dwynwen for making sure that all my hopes and dreams came true when I found my true love ❤️

Arty Farty Lovers Print

Gene Genius …

It seems beautifully apt that The Mister has been working on a Bowie project this week, as it’s been exactly 5 years since the iconic David Bowie became a star man waiting in the sky. The last few nights we have so enjoyed viewing some of the Bowie tributes on the television. The music of the beautiful, creative, talented Bowie has simply always been there in the background of my life. So… how mighty perfect is it that The Mister decided to paint Bowie onto the back panel of my little, black, zippy, leather, biker jacket? I love it!

Bowie … you really made the grade and we hope you are a sitting in a tin can far above the world or doing a cosmic jive somewhere. You really were a (Jean) Genius ♥️

Bowie portrait on black leather jacket

A Bird in the Hand

Over lockdown I became so obsessed with the Blue Tits nesting in the little pink bird box attached to The ThreadShed. I listened to lots of scratchy, scuffling noises whilst I sewed, and watched with utter joy as the parent birds flew in and out of the nest box daily. Then, one day, the activity was over and my garden was being visited by the cutest baby Blue Tits.

Our patio doors were open and one sunny morning this little guy flew in to our front room. In his desperation to get back out the poor birds flew into the window and knocked himself out. The Husband gently picked him up and took him back outside, placing him carefully on the patio table. Happily baby Blue Tit was soon was strong enough to fly back off with his brother and sisters.

To capture that very special lockdown moment The Husband created this gorgeous drawing using coloured pencils and acrylics. You can purchase a print from our Online Shop or if you are local why not get on down to the arty Dial Inn in Lamphey which has some prints for sale.

Never mind a bird in the hand being worth two in the bush … to us that bird in the hand was priceless!

Bird in the Hand – by Lee ‘Trashcan’ Minton

Brave New World …

Well it’s the end of an era at Forever Art Tattoos Pembroke and the start of a new one at Trashcan Tattoos, Freshwater East …

Today we knocked down the colourful partition wall at the old studio and said goodbye to Foreverart for forevermore!

So for all our lovely customers here is your final glimpse of the mural wall at the old studio before it quite literally bites the dust!

Our Sunshine ☀️

Becoming lockdown, first time grandparents has been such a ray of sunshine in these crazy times. Our little George has melted our hearts and really warmed our cockles. He is a happy, smiley, alert, expressive, bonny, gorgeous little boy. Sleeping all through the night and so contented, loved and adored by his doting Mammy and Daddy. Lucky lucky little boy❤️

What better birthday present for Granny Kazzy than a stunning pencil drawing by Grandad Trash. Capturing so beautifully the many faces of gorgeous Georgie boy.

Pencil drawing capturing some of the many expressions of Gorgeous George
The many faces of George


Today… 27th July 2020 … tattoo artists are back in business and amongst the last profession to get back up and running after lockdown. In order that we can be flexible, responsive and ensure a clean, safe, healthy environment we have closed our open access studio on Main Street, Pembroke where we had created ace tattoos for over 12 years, and have now opened a licensed garden studio in stunning Freshwater East. The studio has the new name of “Trashcan Tattoos” but the same old Brummy Punk Artist and Tattoo Artist, with 25+ years experience, with the ink and gun. The new studio has incorporated all the advice and guidance issued by the Tattoo and Piercing Union and is strictly appointment only with no waiting or walk-ins allowed.

We are ready to welcome back our loyal regulars as well as meeting new customers looking for some ace ink. To book an appointment just message us on social media or drop us an email on trashcan.emporium66@gmail.com.

To celebrate our rebranding we have some great new studio Tees available … just ask at your appointment.

Here is the man himself … totally branded!

Trashcan Tattoos – Lee Trashcan MINTON
Trashcan Tattoos – Truckers Cap
Trashcan Tattoos – new Tees

Masks can be cool …

A good friend of mine has been spreading the word about the snazzy jazzy Kazzy Face-masks I have been making from The ThreadShed, Freshwater East. They have ended up all around the UK and even flew across the pond to Tennessee, which tickled me pink. Through the recommend I had a commission to make some masks with their logo on for The Queens Head in Eye, Suffolk.

As it was their official re-opening and I got sent a thank you and this stunning pic of the very gorgeous Millie wearing her mask. Now that is how to wear a face mask!

Special good luck wishes to The Queens Head, and all businesses slowly coming out of lockdown. Oh and if you need some Facemasks for your team then I’m your girl ❤️

The Queens Head, Eye, Suffolk
The Queens Head, Eye, Suffolk
Corporate Masks

Swamp Root and Lung Tonic

So a very kind friend gifted me and The Husband a huge crateful of glorious vintage bottles and pots (complete with vintage dirt). Donning Marigolds and using Rapidex and a hastily ordered set of bottle brushes I proper spruced them up.

Of course they needed to be displayed and so I searched online did something appropriate to no avail. The Husband, being the clever sort, said he’d like to build one for me and salvaged an old pallet from behind the shed. He added the driftwood to the front of the shelves and added an extra driftwood shelf for the littler treasures. It looked ace but then I had an idea. Wouldn’t it be perfect to add some words to the front of each piece of driftwood?

So… inspired by the embossing on some of the bottles my clever husband set about the driftwood with his pyrography iron and this is the absolutely perfect result. I am truly in awe of his creativity!

Oh and we really do have a bottle on display called “Dr Kilmer’s Swamp Root – Liver, Kidney and Bladder Cure” and another called “Owbridge’s Lung Tonic” … blinkin wonderful!

Daddy’s Girl…

You know how a Father’s love and pride for his daughter just shines out right? Well … just look at this beautiful pencil drawing, commissioned recently…

The drawing was commissioned by a caring brother for his adored sister. The siblings have a strong and special bond and very sadly lost their beloved father just weeks ago. This beautiful pencil drawing needs few words, because the emotion captured in pencil, as Dad looks at his daughter on her wedding day, is quite simply just stunning.

‘Daddy’s Girl’ commissioned pencil drawing