Who we are …

The Trashcan Emporium is a place for all things arty farty that have been created, constructed, contrived or purely dreamt up by husband and wife Trashcan and Kazzy.

Trashcan is an artist and tattoo artist with more than twenty years experience.  He runs Foreverart Tattoo Studio situated on the Main Street of the beautiful castle town of Pembroke down in deepest darkest West Wales.   The walls of the studio are covered in his photo realism art work which are all available as limited edition prints.

Kazzy is a knitter, sewer, crafter and writer. She creates beautiful one-off pieces of clothing, and bespoke handbags and shoes.  She loves to play with buttons, bows  to give things a really feminine and vintage feel.

They both have a love for all things that are unique,  unusual,  interesting, surprising, beautiful, colourful, alternative, different and quirky …all things that are The Trashcan Emporium

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2 thoughts on “Who we are …

  1. Hi Guys, Andy Cockerill here. trash tattooed me 20 years ago. I miss and love the guy, enjoyed reading festival in his company 3 times. Would love 5 bat shirts. Man 46″ chest, chick size 16, boy 9, boy 7, girl 3.

    Would love some custom gear. Could you make a Motorhead / 50’s/ punk / housewife inspired dress / top / skirt combo for my wife as a surprise gift? Also a knitted / hooded cardigan with Motorhead on the back? Kids t shirts with unique designs “the guys who tattooed my dad…….

    Would love to buy some custom gear. I’d love a Dennis the Menace red and black hooded jumper. The back would love Rancid and Motorhead emblems. The front would love embroidery of the word Jerusalem in italics on the left breast and an inverted cross

    I am serious. Please email back.

    I’m after demonic / sardonic / punk / poet / Motorhead / annoy the fuckers in power, 50s inspired gear. Including gift cards, birthday, Christmas. If you have plates, cups, mugs etc – bonus

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    1. Of course we will be happy to help with all the above! Just been told you are an “ace bloke” and live in Australia 🇦🇺


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